4 Masters of Glamour Illusion Who "are as water"

I’ve been studying glamour magick for the past few weeks, and had a group of entities appear to me in my dream. It was definitely meant as a warning, and not a friendly one.
They were 4 spirits or entities who had mastered glamour illusions. They showed me how they could freely shapeshift into whatever their target most wanted them to be in order to get what they wanted. They said to me they had acheived their great power by becoming as water - able to pour themselves into whatever vessel they needed to achieve their goals.

And they warned me power (in the form of shapeshifting and illusion/glamour) does not come without notice. They were telling me if I continue on this path, I may be seen as a threat by others, up to and including them.

And then they turned into a wave and tried to crash said wave on me.

I’m looking for clues as to who/what they are, because I have never heard of any deities or gods that sound remotely anything like these.

** no, I don’t believe everything I dream, but this one was very real.


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cool experience. Even if a bit “scary”.
I haven’t tried with Glamour Magick much myself. But as one starts working magick, entities start showing up. Sometimes quite randomly and not always they make it clear who or what they’re.

Very interesting. Mind sharing what glamour practices you’ve been doing to lead up to this?

They’re not overtly dark… trying to become the reciprocal of what you seek, studying mostly hermetic principles and Dita Von Teese tbh… she is one smart and witchie cookie.

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Hmm doesn’t sound too intense… did you ask these beings to teach you their powers

Perhaps it doesn’t sound too intense because the point of this post wasn’t to try to convince you it was intense, but rather to find anyone who might have a lead on who they were.
I would think it’s enough to say it was intense and not well-intentioned on their part, thus me not asking for the knowledge they told me could get me attacked.


It was probably one single master who is testing your resolve.

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Interesting… I like this concept and it definitely resonates with how the dream ended. Thank you!

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Some researching later…and I think perhaps it’s Proteus. He’s an ancient sea god who was known to be a shapeshifter that took on forms that weren’t just corporeal, and sometimes appears in 4s (sometimes people refer to this as him appearing with his sons, others say he just has the ability to separate his being into multople illusionary objects at once).

I’ve been working with Hekate a lot and she holds the keys to all the doors. He holds the keys to all the oceans. They are often depicted together, though I had never heard of him before.

Supposedly he has perfect sight of the future, but will only tell you if you catch him - and, if you catch him he is bound to tell the truth about what he sees. Which is interesting, and not really what I was after.

Also interesting about him: there’s some speculation that he was an Egyptian King who became a God. Many texts refer to him as an Egyptian and talk about how his powers grew over time, starting with a big shift in power when he moved from Egypt to an island in the Mediterranean.

If anyone has any experience working with Proteus, I’d love to connect.

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so greatest achievement what your glamour masters can achieve is trickin humans thinking that they are working with something that is not them ?

to gain some chemicals or (their understading of worship) and acceptance trough betrayal ?



why work magic where you have to lie to yourself or god (or both)

when talking about glamour magick, if you are bitch inside some finer person will come and take away your glory, sooner or later,

Glamour magick is so much more than deception. To see it as simply, deceptive, is to see it from a very base, unimaginative, ignorant point of view.

did you read op ?

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On the the name proteus I found this

Proteus, in Greek mythology, the prophetic old man of the sea and shepherd of the sea’s flocks (e.g., seals). He was subject to the sea god Poseidon, and his dwelling place was either the island of Pharos, near the mouth of the Nile River, or the island of Carpathus, between Crete and Rhodes.Mar 3, 2020
https://www.britannica.com › topic
Proteus | Myth & Powers | Britannica - Encyclopedia Britannica So did not get the Egyptian Pharo part !

Perhaps I did it in the wrong space? The original ‘intro yourself’ comment had a link to a thread, and I replied there.

But since you wanna know…

I’m a female (she/her) and I’m getting back into magick after a long hiatus. I was ‘in the broom closet’ but experiencing some pretty cool shit communing with nature and elemental magick as a teen, until my parents found out and tried to make me pray away the evil.

I came back to magick through the path of self development and trauma healing, but I feel like I didnt miss a beat, and in many ways I have leveled up subconsciously.

I work with Hekate mostly, though I will be evoking Proteus soon to learn more from him. I find the golden Dawn and hermetic stuff, which I tried to read once before, suddenly makes total sense to me. However, my practice in action tends to be more intuitive, solitary, and minimalistic (I.e. I’m not following the workings of others – once I understand a concept, I allow my intuition/guides to direct my feet which steps to take).

I’ve always been a masterful spell writer and empath. I find those and my connection to elemental magick to be the strongest.

I find I am less adept at suspending disbelief, though that is a muscle that just needs flexing.

I consider myself a grey witch. I have been on a lightworker path for several years now, and as pendulums are want to do, finally feel like I am strong enough in myself to explore the dark side now.

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So IDK where your idea of glamour or shapeshifting comes from, but often in life, we can misunderstand one another simply by holding different meanings for the same word.

What I am referring to that this entity did would probably be better described as shapeshifting. Though it was clear to me it was illusory.

The best glamour isnt a lie, it’s a truth you’ve worked to construct. And if it is a lie, that only means you haven’t been very successful at your construct working.

I’ll give you an IRL example: Dita Von Reese talks about wearing lingerie every day, so when you want to seduce your lover, you are comfortable and lingerie is a part of who you naturally are. You’ve successfully constructed the reality you wish them to experience.

In magic, the first person you have to seduce is yourself. If you don’t believe it, how can you put power and faith into it? You are telling the universe you don’t believe it to be true, and so that is the spell you’re actually working.

So same thing here: there’s no lies, there’s no falsehoods between me and this God – he showed me his power, he told me to become a master I have to become as water (capable of pouring myself into any vessel - and is that not changing myself?) In order for the deception to be complete (i.e. a new reality to be made true), and he said that power gets noticed by the powerful.


I have to become as water (capable of pouring myself into any vessel - and is that not changing myself?) In order for the deception to be complete (i.e. a new reality to be made true), and he said that power gets noticed by the powerful.

I still see this as “homosexual practices” and way you word being in others being makes me wanna riddicule you, which i will not, i am professional.

you should maybe evoke some actual night goddess, and ask feminine opinion about “glamour” and “deception” they should give you understanding of alphasexuality and dark powers…

We see what we want to see, bro.

You obviously want to make this about sex, so if that’s what you want to glean from it, cool.

I’m a woman, who’s main guide in the Craft is Hekate, and who owned her bisexuality decades ago. So I think you’re a bit off-base here with your suggestions to focus on alpha anything…but it’s pretty clear you’re committed to your misunderstanding of what I wrote, and you’re fully entitled to that.