Runes in death curses

I am looking for some potent alternatives to cause the death of a target and her hole bloodline. The books i have about runes are disgustingly rhp oriented :bat:

Do you guys have some rune formulas?
Or name an excellent Book in runic death curses?

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A Nithing Pole is likely what you are after. Three thurisaz carved into a pole topped with a horses head, planted in the ground in the direction of the ones you want cursed. It’s meant to disrupt the land wights into performing the curse. I have found it very effective in the past. Though I substituted the head of a deer.


The “ladder” combined from Hagal and inverted Teiwaz runes could be a good curse. This formula should be combined with the ritual and offering for Goddess Hel. I had some good experience with this formula.

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Yes this formula is one of the most powerful. I discovered more and I kind of Design stuff. At the moment i am working with designing protection of a target through rune magic.

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@DerAmateurHexer any idea of a formula to neutralize a rune spell?


I used once a runic formula based on Agishjalmur (4x Algiz) and additional Thurisaz and Theiwas. It works as a protection. But I noticed a side effects of this formula. My spiritual senses were also shielded. And later I decided to deactivate this sigil.

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hi, i want to know if i can use a rune formula to curse on my hand nails to be more effective.

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I have use rune but not good. Not fast minimum damage. For cursing i have put in papers pictures etc. Its a site where have the death spell ritual.i tnk derk or smetng similar its a popular rune site
Yes free.