Translating Hecate's Enn & Book Recommendations

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Hey I get it. I have statue of her.

It’s only confused if it doesn’t make sense to you.


Mark Alan Smith refers to Hecate as the darkness that created the stellar fire, Lucifer. At the same time they are as much an equal as light and dark itself.

Anyone drawn to the Primal Craft should seek it out for themselves. Now is a good time considering the re-release of “The Queen of Hell” and “The Red King”.

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Euripides in his play “Helen” called Hecate “Carrier of Light”. Hecate, Apollo and Artemis are cousins.


In other words his mother/creator?

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Yes but at the same time an equal and a lover.

The sources for this?

M.A.S’s work is basically a witchified genesis rewrite mixed with
“ancient Atlantean” stuff, it has many plot holes and contradictions just like any other “in the Beginning” stories

It’s like a Greek and Theistic Luciferian syncretism dressed up with witchy things.

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Purely from the work and interpretations of Mark Alan Smith and the Primal Craft. You can find many hours of interviews with him on YouTube and information through the Primal website.

That would explain it.

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I fail to understand what your point is. Isn’t that all a practioner or author can provide? Their own interpretations and experiences?

If you’re looking for hard factual data in this field… I’m afraid you’ll be searching until the end of time, mate.

The reasoning behind my statement is that I didn’t understand where he was pulling some of this from, I didn’t bother to think about that.

And on the other hand, you also have historical/mythological background. There’s that factor.

Yeah, there’s that.

I will admit that the Primal Craft stuff is eclectic… to say the least!

But I don’t think we should get hung up on it. Disregarding the mythological names, the Primal Craft is an interesting and powerful qliphothic work.

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@Lady_Eva I came here looking for another one that I’d seen here too. Plus there’s also this one: Eyan Catya Icar Hekate. Unless this was the one I found here. I’m guessing either will
do… ?

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Ok here’s a link to a bunch of others:

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I don’t work with Her a lot so can’t be much help, but that link looks good. :+1:


The objection to Primal Craft from a historical-mythological basis is hilariously ironic: the primordial Goddess birthing the God as son and consort is present throughout history.

This is true in traditional witchcraft, whose Italian variant refers to them as Diana and Lucifer, the former being equated with Hecate. Many traditional witches also worship an Old Man or Lord of Earth.

In Greece, Hecate is often associated with Apollo and Pan and her Epithets include Supreme Queen and Mother of all things.
It’s also important to remember her Cult was SECRET and the Olympian mythos was younger and more or less superimposed.

In Egypt, the goddess of magick was associated with frogs and was known as Heqet; she had a horned consort, Khnum. AND she birthed Horus.

There’s other examples from Egypt: Nut, The solar disk, and Geb (Nuit, Hadit and Geb in Thelema). Here you have the dark stellar Goddess, the Sun, and The Lord of Earth.

And much of the gnosis in PC is reminiscent of ancient myth; especially Egyptian, whose practices form the basis of western esotericism and alchemy.

This is also reflected in other modern gnosis; like Grants Typhonian thelema (Nightside of Eden, anyone?)

I do not represent Smith in any way, but Primal Craft is the reunion of Witchcraft and Ceremonial magick, whose dieties are Goddess and Horned God; present throughout ancient myth and easily ascribed to Hecate and Lucifer. Things are explained with ‘eclectic’ words and concepts for convenience, but the current is not a man-made eclectic mashup, nor a failure to recreate ancient story-worshiping.

It’s contact with primal aspects of these deities, with love and devotion.

And it’s ironic people who claim to know the ancient stories - myths - are apparently ignorant to very explicit themes throughout - never mind the implicit ones.


The latter part may be a corrupted form of
meaning something like (make or come)Doorway Hecate in the Air
Her attributes of KEYS and GATEKEEPER make sense in that way (DOOR)

Could be
meaning something like Come with your javelin (i want to make) a treaty Hekate
The Greek meaning of ‘to dart’ can be stretched here to a javelin maybe.

Yes, and in ancient Egyptian HEKA means Magick and TI means Give. But I know no one will agree with me on that :rofl: