How to break a Santeria Hex?

Can anyone tell me of a detailed way to truly break a strong Santeria Curse?

If you want to break a curse , build a defense , try saying prayers to Archangels and make offerings to them

:joy::joy:tf is you saying… Break a curse by building a defense… The defense has been breached already you have to clean your system of the energies first then build the defense… Raise your energies…


Satan Can help you a lot with that

Oh great powerful and mighty magician, please demonstrate to us right now how to fix this horrible problem :scream::scream::scream: sike

Vibrate mantras into each of your chakras… 108times …use mala beads… Invoke solar energy… Use thurisaz…
Don’t listen to all. That prayer BS😂


And hail Satan all the way

Tell us how that has worked out for you oh wise one

If you know what the curse was, you can summon Focalor and command him to break the curse. Have him confirm to you the curse is broken. He may want payment. Once you’ve commanded him, you must align your expectation with your desire. In other words, you must tell the story of having already received your desire until it feels true/good to you.

If not Focalor, then any number of beings can deal with the curse like, Opfaal, Santa Muerte (white robe) if you already have a working relationship with her (she removed many curses for me even when I didn’t know exactly what they were), or Marinette (Petro loa who is also a mambo), St Cyprian, or the Freeze A Curse ritual from Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft (I once dealt with a necromantic death curse using this method and it worked beautifully).

If it’s really bad, you could always damn the person who you’re asking for. That will reset things and give a fresh start. Be aware that it will put the person on the path of ascension and separate them from the cosmic mind, and it will make it very difficult, if not impossible for the person to be attacked successfully - BUT - the person in question would need to learn how to manage their vibration so that they maintain a high vibrational frequency post-damnation.

If you need more information about removing this curse, PM me.


Ok, the way we normally do it is to seek assistance from an elder priest who will give you a proper reading and hooefully mark an ebbo to break that energy/ spell/ curse/ hex.
Yes, you should practice good self defense at all times. I agree 100 % about praying to your ancestors and spiritual guides. To us, that is the first line of defense. Spiritual baths to clean your aura, house wash to secure your haven.
You could do a revocation of St. Michael at your front door as well, but need a priest to consult a legit oracle to get your answer.

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I agree with @Imjaded. Get a reading done by a santero. I would get a cleansing done. I’ve had spiritual baths prepared for me by my santero. I recommend. They work! But, what makes you think you you are cursed?

Several people had told me but I thought it was part of a scam and then I paid for a very famous psychic and she told me the same in a much more accurate way

Thank you so much, I can’t PM no one yet, but I will keep being active to see if the option activates

I’m a santero but my path is closed so I cannot do any work for you. Find a good, reputable santero - do your research! - and go from there. Honestly, the best way to remove a curse in Ocha is to work within Ocha. If you’re anywhere near Illinois or Florida, PM me and I can put you in touch with someone good.