Bune Sigil

Greetings everyone: this is a YouTube video for getting in touch with Bune and for those seeking assistance with Bune and prosperity. I’ve found it recently by seeing above suggestions and I also have had very good success thus far. She is awesome!


Yes, Bune has been very helpful. :wink:

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Hello ebdr,
From your post looks like you had the pleasure of working with Bune;
I have done 3 rituals but nothing yet I feel very positive about it and I didn’t see his presence but I sure felt his great energy around me.
I worked with other demons before and my first time with Bune, it won’t be the last; however from reading and watching videos on YouTube , you know everyone tells a different way of invocation/evocation but not one has really said nor wrote as to the best time to contact him and how long it would take for a response from Bune.
I know everybody is different and I’m very patient, being a satanist patience is a must.
But if you could kindly tell me more on how to invoke/evoke, I would be so grateful.
I need to know best time to summon him, and exact time.
Thank you so much
Blessings to you


How did you work with Bune exactly? i am really interested but dont know where to start

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Hello, my name is Anya, i am from the caribbean and i am basically new to magic. i recently started looking into it to fix my finances because i work hard 7 days a week with no improvements in my life so i’ve decided to try magic.


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I work with / talk with and have interactions with Bune just about every single day. She comes to me as a feminine presence, not masculine. There is other info out there which kinda points this direction also. But regardless, Bune, has helped me immensely. If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you wants to keep things private, send me a private message.

Bune has demonstrated gentleness, kindness, generosity (manifesting money), lots actually, can and will prove if really necessary. She has really helped me and been a steady companion all through the challenges of life’s recent struggles. I work now with a total of 6 so-called demons. But Bune knows for sure my loyalty is always going to be there for her.

Any questions please ask. I’m always greatful to help anyone in anyway that I can.

-// Alan Elohim


i need help

ok so I’ve been watching this video for about 2 or 3 days now and my request was to attract more customers. So last night i was sitting in my business(fast food)place with no customers for a few hours and i watch this video then customers started coming, i sold out. help from Bune or coincidence not sure yet but am thankful .

today again i was thinking about Bune and how i will prepare his/her altar and same thing no customers then i was thinking that if Bune is really working with me i want him/her to send me customers but not too much, 3at a time then customers started coming 3 at a time so Hail Bune


I would like to know more.

What kinds of specifics may I help you with? I’d be a pleasure to help provide useful or practical guidance.


sequential ritual performance.

well, thought I would share this , while evocating Bune with the hand drawn seal, 1 tea light burning in my dark study, I noticed the seal fading in and out and the texture appearance of the entire paper seal changed to a soft brown looking skin.
Absolutely amazing event, a different working with another spirit produced the fading image and also as if the seal was lightly illuminating around the drawing, also notices a small ball of light to my right side out the corner of my eye, the ball of light appeared for several seconds before vanishing. Contact, I would say yes, value of contact to be determined.


I am interested in knowing of any ones experiments with Bune I am looking for any connected pieces of information.
I was thinking of an experiment with 5 others, sorceresses, using an agreed upon ritual aimed at say, a lottery jackpot.
If any are interested pm me.

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and I reckon not. All is well.

Praise Bune!

Beautiful, sweet Bune is still helping me.

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I just did the rite yesterday, I hope that she heard me

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