Lucifer and the Hidden Demons Grimoire

Yes I’ve read it and used multiple pathworkings. You got to be patient with it but yes it’s working for me


That grimoire is what got me started and led me to this place


interesting, i assume u mean the book itself not the VG?

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Yes, precisely!

What Man1 said. Reread the book until you understand the steps. You can try writing out the steps if that makes it easier to understand.

I have made a small post about my experience with Moreh, from the aforementioned grimoire. It definitely works.


any update?

any examples of it working?

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where is the post?

I got what I wanted. But you really should give this grimoire a go. It’s simple but potent.


I’ve used the pathworking in this book a handful of times . Most recently I did the pathworking for Ormion under Asmodi to remind specific persons what they like about me . & i seen results within the next day . Someone who was furious & overly judgmental about a situation- within the next day was calm and simply stated she just needed some time because I had broke her trust . Which was extremely progressive.


I find this book potent and hope Mr. Rose writes more books.


Hey I feel like she’s calling me I just want to do this the right way so can u ask her if she can work with me?, I need a favor I want to trust her like everyone else does I just don’t have nothing to offer her rn except an apple & a beer but if she does me this favor I’ll make her altar

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Yes, the pathworkings in the book for money are kinda slow, but I did a pathworking to a demon in this book to help a difficult friendship become more peaceful and for the other person to leave all of our arguments in the past and it worked literally the next day, it was like we’d never argued before, I couldn’t believe it.

Also if you’re looking to increase your social media following/presence, then this book will also work very well, just remember it may not necessary mean 10 million followers, but you will see a greater amount of followers, likes and comments

Everything in the book works fast, the pathworkings to demons responsible for money can be a little slow, even slower if you’re unemployed, but everything in this book works like a charm!

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i think go for it if you can hold an image in your mind stable at least for 15 minute, more maditation better result. i say that because sometimes a sudden image poped up in my mind and ruiened the ritual. pathworking is easy and i have success with it, but me as ia beginner like you come to conclusion that some degree of harmuny between mind body and spirit and mastering your mind is nesseccary in any ritual.

Got the book 3 weeks ago on kindle. I’ll go over my experiences with it.

To be clear I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t have an altar, much history or practice with occult. I just bought this book and gave it a try.

Just my opinion but Lucifer and his pathworking is very potent. Just reading the pathworking for Lucifer, I definitely feel & notice something. When I read the book for the first time, there is a part where the pathworking of Lucifer is written as an example. I was just reading it and I think I still activated the pathworking. Hard to explain but there was this strange blurriness in my vision and ringing in my ear when I turned my head to the left. Then as I read on, the book explained that the demons are actually summoned to your left. So now when I skim through the book I make sure to avoid reading the pathworking so I don’t accidentally summon Lucifer.

The book sort of pushes you towards working with the lesser demons for specific problems and not Lucifer himself, so I haven’t actually summoned Lucifer himself for anything, only as the first stage of the process to bring one of the lesser demons.

But other demons in the book jury is still out. I did have one visualization after doing the pathworking for one of the money related demons where they slapped me in the face. My own overactive imagination and too much caffeine, maybe. I asked for success with gambling from Iromenis, and I entered a raffle that is being announced today. I’m not silly enough to expect to win… but it would definitely convince me just saying

I tried really hard as well to bring my ex back with a combo of demons. Felt kind of pathetic doing it. That didn’t do anything to my knowledge. she must hate me for real!

I attempted the pathworking for Paymon - meant for giving you direction in your life. Can’t say I gained purpose and direction. But the day after, a REMAX calendar fell off my counter onto the floor. I guess I could take that as a sign that “Paymon threw the realtor book on the floor to tell me to move!” but also it could just have been sitting on the edge and fell and anything else is really a stretch I think.

You definitely have an idea of what you are doing. Feel free to ignore this, but you need to realize your value. You performed the Pathworkings, cool! So, after you have done the work, why jeopardize it by talking down to yourself?
You want your ex back? Cool. Don’t harm it by calling yourself pathetic. Do some push ups and feel good about yourself.
With Paimon, it seems like you recognized a message & then tried to dismiss it.
Again, you can tell me to fuck off - but a bit of improving your self talk seems like a great goal to get cracking on.


I haven’t tried to do something with this book yet. Just read it online Sat night.

It has a little 3 phrase visualization to call a demon. Just from reading it without trying to do any kind of ritual, you can feel the spirit show up. :anguished: Seriously from being somewhere else in the mundane world to having Lucifer right next to you is as fast as calling a friend on the phone.

:thinking: I’m working on some plans for these guys to carry out. :smiling_imp:

I really want to try the digestive problem curse on somebody :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: