Is this all real?

I’m writing here as a place of last resort. I tried in every which way to summon demon and nothing—absolutely nothing. I meditated, casted a circle, used the correct sigil for the demons I attempted to summon, I used a scrying mirror, I used the preferred incenses of demons I attempted to summon, I used the right enns, I only attempted to summon night demons at night and similarly, day demons during the day. I made offerings, treated demons respectfully—you name it, I’ve done it and nothing. When I say nothing, I mean, not only did I not feel the presence of a demon but in the days and weeks that followed, I did not experience any paranormal event. I read some people’s accounts on here of how they worked with different demons and the demons helped them grow in life. Other people on here claim to have conversations with demons. So to me there’s only two viable explanations:

(a) Either I’m really bad at summoning demons or I’m doing something fundamentally wrong (I find it unlikely because I followed what I read in various books on “left-hand path Magick” and I also followed some of the approaches I read on here) or,

(b) What is written here is a figment of people’s imagination and it’s not real (I would find it concerning for anyone who claims to hear from a non-human entity when in fact, the entity doesn’t exist).

I spent too much time on this and I’m just looking for the truth—whatever that may be.


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Welcome, @Newbie3 !

Just because you’ve read about the concept and seemingly have the “theoretical knowledge” about some kind of process, it doesn’t means that you are enough practiced (1), posesses the ability (2), and mastered enough sophisticated senses (3) to be able to contact and feel the demons/spirits.

You say that you have every knowledge to be successful, but let me be honest: Reading text? This is something what everyone can do after they have learned the ABC and the meaning of words. Do not forget, that most of us are sensitive, practiced magickians and lot of people joined on BALG with experiences already, which means that they owned something what is important to contact and sense spirits. Based on your post: you got nothing. No experience, practice, sense.

There is an another thing what none of us should forget:
― There is a chance that spirits or demons don’t want to contact with you for some reasons. They have their own will and won’t be scared of “offending” you with ignoring your call

Feel free to start working on exploring this world, if you accepted the fact that just because you keep reading without practice and necessary “skills”, you won’t be successful (more likely). And your example just proves this.



It all takes practice.

It might be easier to start with opening your astral senses. There are many tutorials on this forum that can help you do that. Try using the search function.


You mean you didn’t perceive anything, let’s be absolutely clear on the difference.

This is common for beginners.

Try visualising or “structuring” the demon as described here:

This gives them a house to live in, so to speak, like Star Trek having a transporter room, which puts the energy back into matter form at the end of beaming the person on board the ship.


Hey, man… it can take time to develop… anything. Not in magic. In life. You don’t learn to drive ten seconds after sitting behind the wheel. You don’t learn to play guitar in a day. You don’t even learn to play Civ in one game.

Magick is no different. Now, you can think we’re all full of shit and that this forum is a corner populated by people who enables each other neurosis… or you can think that it can take time. And then bid the time.

I started to see results in my practice in the last month or so. After months and months and months of trying, following one weird experience. And I am an atheist (for the moment, at least).

So the best thing I can tell you is to take it easy, go slow, practice every day and start simple. As simple as you can.


Welcome. Listen to the people here and you will gain knowledge as I have. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Welcome, lot of what is said is true, it takes alot of meditation and practice, belief in yourself, and almost an arrogance to say that even when nothing happens in front of you, that it has happened and will work simply by your will and intent. Magick can also be seen simply as subtleties in your environment around you, being perceptive to those things in today’s day and age are hard, we’re bombarded by so much its hard to notice something small. Just a suggestion but maybe learn some of the basics of walking with a simpler method, I very seriously suggest NAP, I’ve gotten almost immediate results and the book is worth more than its weight in gold, its very simple, no sigils, no incense, just do it.


When I first started I focused solely on meditation: void meditation, chakra meditation, ice bath meditation, walking meditation. For the first three months I was always in a meditation form or in a contemplation state. I can’t see demons yet, but I get like a cold chill for the entire ritual and once I saw my face in the mirror morphed in Claunecks face, which I count as a good sign. But this takes time and “boring mental exercises”.

I’m assuming you’re talking about actually getting results from magick and not just sensing spirits?

In that case, it takes time and the right mindset to be able to do magick effectively. For me, my first magick I tried was from Words of Power by Damon Brand and it worked the very next day, the magick I did afterwards was on and off for various reasons, I tried different things and my mindset was constantly changing. With Angelic Magick, I’d say in the past i’ve gotten results from 80% of the times I’ve tried it, but with Chaos Magick Sigils I’ve only gotten around 20% of my sigils to work, but for some people Chaos Magick Sigils are the most effective magick. So see what you actually like, maybe Demons don’t resonate so strongly with you, try other types of spirits, or look for a spirit who seems to fit your personality or who you like just from learning about them.

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Welcome to the forum. I took a look at your introduction before deciding to reply to this. I noticed you have been practicing on and off for two years now. It took me three years of strict practice in order for me to see, hear and talk to spirits. A majority of that not only involved experimenting with given systems provided in books, but also meditating daily to learn to not only be still but to notice changes within myself. I would challenge myself with increased time spans (I got up to a couple hours a day, which is completely unnecessarily mind you. Just was how long I felt was needed at the time). Learning to feel requires the patience to be still long enough to notice, no matter how subtle they may be. It has proven to be a useful skill as it helped me break down what I was experimenting with into one that has worked for me and I continue to use today, by learning how to lose myself in the shifts of ritual and be there in the moment instead of worrying about if what i was doing was working or not. Ironically, i have find that trying too hard can be as much of a crutch as not trying hard enough (as maddening of a concept as that may be).

To be fair, i also did not have a community with similiar goals or well written tutorials has i have found here. Take advantage of them, do not worry so much, and get back on the horse if this is what you really want.

“Stick to the fight when you are hardest hit,
It is when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.” -Edgar Guest


It’s not like baking, you don’t follow a recipe and the cake is made. You do actually have to have will, intent and belief while you’re performing whatever you’re you’re doing. You’re trying to contact demons, If you’re trying to phone someone and they don’t answer then you either assume they don’t want to talk to you or call back later, but you don’t assume they don’t exist. A gross oversimplification there but…Yeah.

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I’m glad you responded because YOURS was the guide I used in one of my latest evocations. At the very least, I found your guide to me practical and very to the point. But again, I have to be honest, I didn’t experience anything.

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It takes time to notice changes, i know some magicians who had to practice more than two years to get into the proper track. Patience is key


Did you manage to visualise the spirit in a basic form throughout? I’m trying to troubleshoot this, and that’s in important point. :+1:

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So I can couple of things: I never claimed to know all there is to demonology. I simply outlined my background, experiences and what my results were. I think you bring up a good point—perhaps the spirits don’t want to work with me or answer my call. I grew up in the Judeo-Christian tradition and I have to say, I’ve had a lot more experiences with the Judeo-Christian G-d I where I really don’t think it was coincidences than in my attempts to summon demons. Perhaps, that is also why they may be ignoring my calls (grew up in the Judeo-Christian tradition).

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Thank you for your response. Respectfully, I don’t understand the incongruent position. How can you say you’re an “atheist” but yet, you began to experience atypical experiences with spirits as of last month? I’m not trying to be disrespectful but to me, the two positions do not reconcile.

You’d be amazed how many people raised on mainstream religion wind up here so to speak, it’s not that at all. You’re looking for answers in the wrong places “is it this or that” the answer I would give is that you’re in the wrong mindset.

Honestly being a part of the judeochristian religion shouldn’t impare you or youre results unless you think it will. Alot of the oldest grimoires on the subjects of demons were written by those who had belief of “God”, but there are many christians, Jews, and Muslims who practice forms of spiritualism and magick, many of which involve both angels, demons, etc. Its all about you’re internal belief and what you think is the best choice to have the desired outcome for your work. And the beauty of a place like this is that each person has their own belief system and practice. Also dont believe the hype when you read something like “angels dont work with demons” or vice versa, in reality some energies are better aligned with others while some just dont match the situation at hand. The world of the unseen is far less judgemental about faith than our own.


It is not a problem because I use the words spirit, angels, demons to be able to understand people here and let them understand me. But I don’t think these are separated consciousness from myself, I think I’m using archetypes to tap into something (don’t ask me what that is, I don’t know and I can’t really begin to know).

I know it sounds contradictory, but it makes sense to me. That being said, the more I got into this stuff, the more fragile my atheism becomes. And that’s new. But I think I am reasonable enough to addapt my understanding of the world according to new information.