Demons On Islam

Magicians and people love asking demons about money, good jobs, and love but Honestly why you people don’t ask about supernatural aspects of religions and for example Islam, in my opinion, is the most unknown religion.
In Islam, there is almost nothing about Solomon demons or any kind of magick…
I think King Paimon is the most informative demon! but honestly, he doesn’t answer me whatever I do. so is it possible that you, my friends, ask about it? I suggest some subjects like:

  1. Mohmmad (Prophet)
  2. Quran (Holy Book)
  3. Mecca (Holy City)
  4. Qiyāmaht (Islam Resurrection)

Meanwhile, I will be grateful if anyone asks King Paimon why he doesn’t answer me, maybe he prefers to stay home because of this Covid19 virus… (just kidding:) )

thank you and stay home…

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there are some things about demons in quran referred to as Jins (I donno if the spelling is right) but I think it might not be as specific because from what I know in Islam it’s highly discouraged to connect to them

Islam agrees that livings named Jinns are existed and there’s even a whole chapter of Quran named “sur’a of Jinn” which says they are hidden creatures and Like humans, there good and bad Jinns…
I know Angels, Humans, and Jinns are verified by Islam! But I wanna know about nature of Islam from Demons as many magicians believe Islam (Especially Kaabe square in Mecca) is related to Saturn…
I think Muslims are most biased people, so I want to know are they really something unique?


The Jinn were nature spirits before they were labeled demons, I don’t think Islam has ‘literal’ demons as the entities, but I could be wrong. The goetia while some are djinn like Asmodeus and possibly Paimon is believed to be a Djinn, the majority of them I find unlikely to be djinn or even related to djinn.

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from living in a Muslim country I can say that they’re not unique at all no offence but i think them being biased shows how unsure they are themselves but I’ve always wanted to know if Islam is originally as it pretends to be
please post about it if you find anything out

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They are generally brainwashed idiots, leaving sufis and havâss practitioners out of this.

I recently got into an argument which was:Should islamic call to prayer be translated into Turkish because they are just obeying some gibberish they dont understand.His counter argument was:

No one else did it, so you cant do it either.

Shows you how brainwashed they are.


Djinns are not reliable to the Muslim magician, and I’d wager that they are not necessarily the first choice for a number familiar with them
(on account of their egotism and distance from human values). some will maintain that all gods other than Allah are probably djinn, and are therefore of variable reliability. some of the greatest villains and heros of the Faithful have been djinn. don’t short-change or overestimate their placement.

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Hi In Islam there is no such thing as demons,u have angels humans,ghosts and jinn(jinn means spirit in general and they are divided in seven categories and among them shaiatin are the closest to demons in Christianity)
About prayers: its not allowed to recite it in any other language except Arabic because its believed that Arabic is the language of divine and to a Muslim no other language holds that value.also muslims say their daily prayers in direction of kaaba which is called qiblah
About mecca : is the holiest city in Islam and in it there is Kaaba.its believed amongst Muslims that kaaba(house of god)was the first place to come out of water after the great flood and Muslims believe that it was first built by adam.every year in zolhajja(the month of hajj) Muslims come from across the world to perform hajj which is a series of rituals that was first performed by prophet Ebrahim and every Muslim that is able has to do it once in his life time
About qiamah:there is a full surah in Quran you can read
But honestly its all just a bunch of nonsense


I think exactly like you :slight_smile:
I was born in a Muslim family but I’m an atheist… The problem is I have a conflict with myself about Islam, Magick and my beliefs of heaven and hell.

It is why I’m an atheist :slight_smile:

I know, Islam says Djinns are creatures like us with more power but less Intellectual abilities. But my problem is about demons because Islam calls them Shayatin(Demons) and says they are followers of Eblis(Satan). Even Islam says Solomon demons were pagan djinns and they were forced by god to work for Solomon.

I have enough information about Islamic supernatural stuff but I want to learn new things from demons. Please, somebody should ask King Paimon, Lucifer or other aware demons about this subject.
Is Mohammad a real prophet? What happens in Ressurection day? Why God tries to make us avoid magick?


My suggestion is to get into divination but also research along with it. Having other people ask entities things will just give you that person’s clouded opinion rather than what that entity said.

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Not a muslim but someone who uses muslim ilm(magick).

Islamic magick can be just defined as the use of verses from Quran and 99 names of Allah.

Repetition is key for muslim tantra(even for hindu tantra), the more you repeat a verse or a particular name of Allah the more it becomes active and starts working.

There are also a class of spirit which closely resembles to Angels are mawkil or khodam which are like protectors of 99 names of Allah + the 100th name allah itself. The the more you repeat that particular name the more you will get attention of Allah and then of the khodam.

There are also muslim shabar mantras like in Hindu shabar mantras they use the word such as “duhai” and “aan” which is similar to the solomonic conjuration to bind and make the demons in this case jinns or angels do work for you.

Even there are muslim shabar mantra for conjuring Lucifer and other big demons that use cursing. Literally like “if you won’t come then your mother is a hoe”.

And you must be thinking will the demon come and the answer is yes because only advance practitioners use these kinds of mantra and after the demon has done their work the practitioners will always live their life in fear of that demon because even they know that the demon(jinn) will come for revenge. Damages are mitigated by giving the demons offerings.

Quite contrary of this allah really wants people to do magick and increase what is called ruhaniyat(chi, prana whatever), that “haram” thing is just to protect the uninitiated so they just don’t start calling the spirts and get gang banged by them.

I haven’t personally used those mantras to conjure any spirits, but i use surah kauser/kawther and sometimes “ya alimu ya bashiru” for meditation. And one shabar matra for hisar(body protection armour).


Honestly, It’s FASCINATING…:astonished:

Thank you, It’s so cool…
Do you have any source about “Duhai” or Islamic Magick? How and which verses they use? Especially about Summoning Angels and Demons(not djinns).
Anything can be useful :ok_hand:

Omg I laughed so hard at this!!!

I think I’ll stick my shamanic style of practice that treats all spirits regardless of classification with respect and politeness until they prove to me they don’t deserve it any more than any person would

This doesn’t sound like a great way to start asking for a favor

I mean sure you get their attention

But is the kind of attention/result you want?

To each their own


I would suggest taking the islamic meditation methods that @Random_Guy gave you and working with those until your senses became more open

Or try talking to Paimon through divination such as tarot cards

Or both

Shabar mantra won’t be useful for you as these mantras are written in the languages ​​and dialects of India rather than sanskrit and without the usage of any beej word.

i don’t know if posting links of download is okay here or not, so i’m just going to give you a brief plan how anyone can start working with muslim magick

Ilmu Khodam
99 Names of Allah
Their site is good just, go through this site and read whatever you find interesting, they even have download section for ebooks. 6-7 years ago those knowledge papers were free for downloading but now it has some fee.these papers are really good if you can’t buy then obviously google is your friend.

Nineveh Shadrach books are also good. can’t say anything related to the works of Ben Qayin because i haven’t read them.

Ayatul-kursi for banishing and protection, surah jinn for calling jinns, these verses should be memorized before using, repetition and having faith is key.

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