Different Experiences With Lilith?

That means something to you? (the eye was big)

Hahaha, my soul is much older than 18. And my soul is a dense, black smoke. (I saw that when I astral projected/astral travelled in a dream)

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Having breakfast. I’ll post a pic of my eye in about 30min. U be the judge lol!

Ok… couldn’t Decide which one i wanted to post. :thinking:

Mmmmm…now u see me, now u don’t. :wink:

Hmm. I “invite her in”, as opposed to calling. Works like a charm.


OK but how do you summon her

Liber Lilith is quite powerful if use it for inspiration rather than a rule book. Also the story at the begining is only one varieation of the story. The diary and the bit after is where you can get bits and pieces from for ritual practice. You have to dig into it for bits. It can work for both Lilith & Samael too.

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I opened her seal and called her.

Liber Lilith is no doubt a powerful grimoire. I had some interesting experiences while reading the book. It’s just that I don’t think its approach to working with Lilith would really work for me on a “philosophical” level. I can’t (and don’t want to) project the kind of love that the grimoire says is so crucial to making contact with “White Lilith.” I actually had one black magician tell me that if I approached Lilith with lust, I should be prepared to have my soul consumed.

Love is important, but lust is the driving force in my life, I want to understand and enjoy it without guilt. The mindset, which books like Liber Lilith promote is not conducive to this imo.

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Yeah it’s built on the tantric tradition so it can put you off if you don’t have the partner. like i said it can be modified for solo use. As for lust and sexuality it depends on how you use it. I mean lust can be good for fueling rituals as means of raising energy and the offering of pleasure isn’t a bad thing. Just remember that she is a goddess/demon and not your one nighter, that is were people go wrong and get fucked up. Plus sexuality is only one dominion she rules over there are plenty more too.

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I’m currently working with Namaah and I’m actually receiving love when I project lust. This leads me to believe that the intention and sincerity with approach her is more important than what you’re offering. I think going into the ritual/meditation with a student mindset also helps.

I frankly don’t understand what this means. I’m not going to stop working with her after I have had sex, If that’s what you’re saying.

It was a general statement not directed at you. I was just saying it’s where some people go wrong and get wooped lol.

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Would you be able to help me with invoking lucifer?

This is interesting. Could you tell us anything about the hell Lilith took you to? What did it look like? Was it horrifying? Exciting? Dense in sensual atmosphere?

I’m new here and don’t really know anything, so excuse me if you find such questions disagreeable in any way.

I love Lilith, absolutely adore her, I just feel like she’s took me under her wing after guiding me onto her path


New to summoning spirits. I have summon Dantalion quite a few times and I’m feeling drawn to Lilith. I’ve seen a few ways to do so do you have any tips?

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In my brutal honest experience, Lilith does not show up if summoned…unless of course you’re like me and get a hold of a sigil ring. In my case, I have two of them. Lilith will look into a person’s heart first and quicker than anything. By all means, show her respect and she will enlighten you. If one were to put a sigil ring of Lilith and summon their sexual energy, she comes like a moth to a flame. Even if she were to get annoyed, she would just as easily get a succubus or incubus to finish you off roughly and painfully. From Lilith’s perspective, it is a win-win situation. She knows that in you coming to her, you have already put your 50% in. The next 50% is for her to decide from her end as to gentle or brutal.

Well my household is surround by succubus who work for Lilith, as she is my dark goddess