The Solomon Talisman

Never mind.:slight_smile: I get some Javanase magic samples, yes they have many islamic quotations.
Another thing I’ve seen and wanna ask about that these magickal squares sometimes tailorised to people and names are written over them so anyone else may not use them directly at least - they are obliged to do some modifications.

I have added some interesting magical squares yet I have seen. As I may not read arabic so if you may have time I will be pleased with an explication.


I will recommended “Al-Aufaq” book written by Al Gazel (Al-Ghazali) which includes the method of creating ones. You may search for it online or buy it.


I remember few of these. The very first picture showing a dead body wrapped in kafan( white cloth used in muslim burial.) And the one at bottom contain image of Djinn spirit is believed to be a Death or cursed talisman use to bring destruction upon enemies. Death or curse talisman has a different way of using it. For example, in Al Aufaq book, there is a curse talisman which you will write the words on your palm before showing to a target (woman), she will bleed non stop from her genital part and she will beat herself like crazy person. It is a great book written by Al-Ghazali. I didn’t know if there any english translation for it but I would recommended it for anyone whom wishes to learn more about talisman magic.

By the way, I had asked some author who posted these deadly talisman but they don’t want to reveal how to use them for some reasons.


What’s the actual source?

Is there no need to charge this amulet ?

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Oh wow this stuffs are so cool and powerful, i have some too…

These ^ is written that a witch gave it to Solomon, when he threatened to kill or something for her evil works. The Talisman is 7, each for a certain day.

Here, after folding it we wrap it with thread of the color that corresponds to the talisman, make it into a SEAL. @Lalitu88

Same way I do the Pentacles given in the Greater Key of Solomon too. I don’t use the metals.

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@Epsilon_The_Imperial Can i print it out and pass my pen over it

Sure you may.

For some talismans you have to care about the hours (good hours/bad hours - planetary hours ) and for some, it is advised to use special inks ( made out of saffron and musk -the underlying belief is that as long as they smell good and they attract good spirits) but for the simplicity you may use your pencil.

Burn an incense too, and cense the paper with it for a short while ( like 1 min )

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@ZAMRAN like fir the 4th one you shared which cense you advise the one with squares…solo4

That’s not the one I have shared but depending on the days of the week on which you are casting that the talisman, you may use one of the below incense.

Similar to the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn who made color magic into an elaborate science; in all the good books of Arabic talismans, they advise the use of some incense. In the old books, it says for example cast that talisman using that ink, at that hour and burn that incense. For example for baneful magick, bad smells (i.e. onionskin) are preferred and whereas for love rose incense is one of the most preferred. That 's the way they advise. You may simplify some of the techniques but then be sure and ask for signs whether your talisman is really working or not.

But here you may go with one that incense as said depending on the day…

Lemon, frankincense.

African violet, honeysuckle, myrtle, willow, wormwood.

Dragon’s blood, patchouli.

Jasmine, lavender, sweetpea.

Cinnamon, musk, nutmeg, sage.

Strawberry, sandalwood, rose, saffron, vanilla.

Black poppy seeds, myrrh.

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Thank you very helpful @ZAMRAN

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are you from an arabic country ?

Can i Wirte thes talisman thank you :hugs:

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