Dark elf goddess and channeled sigils

hello friends

im making this post today because i recently made an accurate depiction / drawing of an entity i have met in dreams, meditations and astral travels several times now, maybe for a year or so.

what buggs me about her is that she wont say her name or say much at all, although she has showed me alot of things, and i have tried several times in different ways but she wont tell me her name, usually its not a problem working with other entities so thats weird

im hoping that any of you here will recognize who she is and what the sigils are for etc

i know that it is smnt i could find out through ritual but just want to check here first and do some research on it

i would say her energy is very intense and her presence is powerful, similar to the gatekeepers

her personality is wide, its like shes very straight forward and gets in your face when appearing, she has a motherly comforting guiding side and a more devilish aspect that is very sexual, i have experienced both and i noticed that the negative side of her vanished as soon as i got her respect, not vanished completely ofc haha

i believe shes almost if not fully capable of manifesting in this reality as when she walks into my bed for example the mattress sinks down with her footsteps and her touch is almost as a real persons

maybe the most powerful entity i have runned into, and it feels like i have no control over the situation even tho i know how to cleanse and banish etc

please comment or write to me if you have experienced smtn similar!

love you all

blessed be <3


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oh okay i didnt know that, ill do it right away ^^


how did you meet her?


Could you describe your first encounter with this entity?
Lack of a name could be a red flag, or it could be a hint as to the identity of the being itself depending on the context.

Very curious to see what happens from here, and whatever knowledge you feel like sharing on the goddess



Look more into me,
and you’ll know more about her.




more straightforward help would be appreciated but aight <3


Got anything else ?? Any more information about this entity ???

Maybe yberion is telling you to look for the Oberon entity and see if you can get something or you can get in touch with it!


Titania maybe? My best guess at this point, as she is the wife of Oberon and queen of the fairies under medieval folklore


indeed. You’ve got it.


How much more obvious should i get on it???^^




I am a new member. My name is Solomon Bassey Stephen, I am a Nigerian. Please from my birth to present age nothing works for me to its fullness. My education was difficult, I work in public Establishment I always work out without reason nor achievements. I go into personal business, it will start very find when I am about to settle my self to enjoy it will crumble without reason and put me too to debt. I sold all my properties including my house and squotting in a young one house. Anyway I go I am told strong strange spirit is behind me wanting me to be a priest, I don’t know. Please please can someone help me or guide me what to do to detect this being and harmonize with it if need be. I am suffering, is like it has block all ways of favour to me. I sincerely need your assistance. Thanks. [email protected]

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Not an elf related deity, but I get some serious Anuket vibes from that one.
Sorry, I can’t say anything towards the sigils, tho.


Thank you, what should I do??? This has mess my life to the level that I am begging to eat and has close all doors for help to me. But I know with a tip if your inner work on this entity for me will and teaching, directing and mentoring me in the path will turn things around. Which entity should I also pray to , to bring this being into control.
Thank for your assistant


You contacted this specific entity and now are having problems?
How did initial contact go?
What communication has been had?
What specifically is happening to you?


No, he’s contacted by a God,
which is unfamiliar to him,
and being called into Priesthood.

I already send him a PM,
in which i explained,
how he can speak to the Entity directly,
using my Name and Rank,
to back up his demand,
for closure,
or at least clean communication.

So far,
the Entity didn’t provide a Name or Sigil,
so it’s not completely safe to say,
who it is,
he’s dealing with.

my instructions should help him resolve that.

Apart from that,
i’d like to agree on your questions,
since i have a few back up my head aswell,
i just don’t want to push him to much currently,
since he’s stressed out from the situation already,
and should really start by getting into substancial contact,
with whatever being is trying to call him into service.

now that i think about it,
Lucifuge Rofocal,
could be helpful,
to disclose any open contracts regarding this.

If the God that claims him for service as a priest,
actually haves a legit demand on it,
there must be some form of documentation,
on the original agreement,
that validates the request.

We’ll see,
if we can find out more about that.




I have not once contact it. I am a complete novice. All I know is that before now I do perceived messages in mind mind and had clear dreams that come to pass. If I am praying which I was much interested I will be seeing vision which when I say it, it us confirm true. I will offer prayer to a person and there will be fast result.
When I started having problem was when I dream dark woman coming to me small snakes many in bamboo tree paths to my house, she looks know and closer to me in that dream, as we cross the express road to the street of my house I quarell seriously with her and used kerosene to pour into the bamboo pieces and kill all the small snakes. The quarell increases, as we reach my house I told her to leave my house that I have nothing to do with her, she get serious angry with me, there she said I will suffer in this world as I have send her away in my life, that she was the one doing everything for me. I disagreed with her she left. From then my business collapse.

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Your spot on with what ur saying, i didnt even mention that she contacted me or about the priesthood thing etc haha

people mentioning the fairy queen also lines up with some other shit thats happened lately so i can see the synchronicities and pussel pieces cmn into place

i will look into what u have said <3 thank you


as Yberioth said i didnt contact/summon this entity it came to me

in the beginning it was intimidating, powerful and sexual, she was doing unpleasant things to me in sleep paralysis n dreams, then after i defeated her she started guiding me / showing me things for example places on the astral plane and where she comes from, people and how to do certain magical practices etc, as time went by she got more sincerely loving towards me as she told me that she loved me many times and then comforted me when i was in pain etc, she tries to get sexual with me and 9 out of 10 times i deny her, sometimes i sens irritation from her and she gets up in my face when i say no haha which amuses me aalot and lately she told me that were cousins and that we have kids which i have a hard time believing/accepting even tho i kinda feel its true

if she is not showing me things shes ontop of me doing shit to my chakras saying its for evolution and healing, it feels like becoming a sensitive wave containing an explosion of power n pressure moving through you,it grows stronger and bigger within u and shes moving it through my chakra points / shes not taking it but it feels like shes giving and moving /activating and upgrading dna, the body etc

i feel she has no ill will towards me etc so all i really wanna know is…who is she, i know shes royal and a priestess/sorceress, she comes from a medieval looking place but more beautiful/advanced than the one we had on earth, her most notable face features is that she looks kinda european asian, sometimes white golden skin and sometimes dark purple with black hair, has elf ears and small horn things above her eyebrows / sometimes with yellow green cat eyes

i think thats all i can tell you

bless ya <3


I had brief communication with the entity. I wasn’t at my best, she showed grace and took it easy on me communication-wise. She was direct.

She is Queen Titania of the Fae. She was aloof, and had members of her court with her, as well as attracting the nearby fae.

When asked specifically if she had anything for me to relay to the BALG forum:
“I have an interest in those who will recieve my grace.”

The sigil i used was the symbols in OP’s picture, on the left and right. I drew the necklace shown on Titania’s image, inbetween the two symbols. This i placed a drop of blood upon to open the sigil.


May i ask why?

I’m sorry to hear that!!

She’s blessing you,
and you deny that…

Just to state that clearly:

If she’s interested in you,
i want you to go along with her request.
(and yes, this is ment as permission to have sex with her,
if you were doubting on that.)