Help with Tarot reading

Hi! I’m new here, and I know people usually pay for these things so I’m not sure if I should be asking this.

Just done a tarot reading I seen online, where you find The Fool in your deck, the card under it is the source of your problems and the card on top of it is the solution to your problems.

I got The Knight of Cups under it, and The Nine of Cups on top.

I’m quite new to Tarot readings, and I couldn’t really find any information online to explain that specific reading to me? Thank you x

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The fool symbolizes a journey we go on but we aren’t sure where the hell we are going. So since you’re starting out this symbolizes you.

The knight of cups usually symbolizes an emotional message from the heart and your emotional state, this can be good or bad depending on if you believe in upright or reverse meanings.

If upright it usually means that you will sort through them and be a positive emotional State. Inverted it means you are not listening or dealing with your emotional State and are in a state of denial.

The nine of cups again depending on its position and if you believe in inverse meanings. Is of a similar nature emotional satisfaction or emotional denial and being moody.


perfect, reading.

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yeah they were all upright I should of mentioned that! I’m in a very good mental and emotional state so I’m trying to figure out what the exact issue is, although I assume it’s something subconscious that I’m not even aware of. I’ll definitely take the time to work through the exact meaning of them. Thanks for replying so fast aha


I will try to give you an explanation on this cards later when I have more time to concentrate.

But why did you do the reading? Did you have a specific question or what did you want to find out?

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I’m not even sure I can answer that, I had been meaning to do it for some time but I’m relatively new to tarot readings, and wanted to try that specific spread, but I’m having extreme stress and anxiety due to the current pandemic messing with my exam results which are really important in my current education, so I think I wanted to see if that method brought anything up maybe

Seems like you are searching for something.
The solution is to listen to yourself, love yourself and do what you want to do.

Though this reading doesn’t show so much depth probably.