Cambion, or something?


I’m back with another question. I was offline reading on here about incubus/sucubus, and I read about cambions, that’s like a hybrid? I’ve always been fascinated with them inc/suc. Mostly because I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis experiences as a young teen. I also had a near death experience around the same time and was in a coma for about 4 days. I can remember as a young woman mastrubating and thinking about “spirits” joining me. Slightly embarrassing. This was before I ever had sex or read anything about occulted knowledge and never practised anything, besides using a pendulum in the school yard with some friends for fun. Bear with me I’m getting to my point :wink: I’ve had 3 serious long term relationships in my life and all 3 developed serious mental illness during our relationship. 2 eventually got a schizophrenia diagnose and one has a delusional disorder for sure without a single doubt but no official diagnosis, people with non bizarre delusional disorder often don’t seek or get help, unfortunately. I also as a young girl used to be followed a lot by men, like stalked home or they would say really inappropriate things to me. Really scary. Im attractive but not really more than others. I wouldnt dress sexy at all. Just a normal girl. One of my exes even once called me a sucubus and a psychic vampire. Ive suffered a lot during these relationships, its hard seeing someone you love just wither away… and I HATE the thought of being the cause. I was reading on here today because I was interested in establishing contact with a incubus, not at all sexually motivated but more for companionship as I’m at a pretty low point in my life. It’s not that I can’t “get a man” its just not at all where my head is at. I’m usually very sexual but I’m not feeling it lately, I need something more. I read that those that are hybrids often seek them out as spiritual teachers etc. Anyway long story short, could I be one of those hybrids? As I seem to cause mental illness in my partners and sucubuses feed on energy? And all the other things I’ve told. I hope someone can give me a serious answer if it’s a possibility or not and what can I do with/about it? Thank you so much for your time.


Now that I think about it… Could it mean that a incubus is already attached to me?


It could be possible that you are a hybrid of some sort.
Or an Incubus/sucubus could be attached to you.

But it sounds like you have always had this sort of thing going on sense you were young. So maybe its not a incubus or sucubus that’s attached to you. Anything is really possible here.
But the signs are clear though… But that doesn’t always mean the obvious thing it could mean something else.

In my opinion i think you might actually be a hybrid/cambion of some sort. But i would need to look into it more.

P.S. i hope you find someone to be with to truly make you happy forever.


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond and your kind words. What do you suggest I do next? Is it important to know moving forward? I am kinda scared getting into any relationship with another human since I seem to make men literally crazy. And I was planning on doing the “letter of intent” to find a companion, could I do that or should I first explore more? Do you know how I could find out for sure what is the “issue” here if there is any?


Well let me do something here. I am going to give you a reading and then explain a few things and see if i can’t clarify more of this for you.

I see you as a beautiful woman with fangs. You bite into other peoples neck and try drain their blood. But you seem sad about doing this because you don’t want to hurt anyone.
My inner self is saying that you are a vampire or succubis.
Seems like you feed on other peoples energy and influence them at the same time. But you do this subconsciously.

What i suggest you do is to access your Vampiric/succubis powers or energy;
Just sit down and close your eyes and see yourself however you would like to see yourself. Now start to focus on your aura and begin to see a red misty haze all around you. This haze is your Vampiric power that is part of what influences people and part of what takes peoples energy away from them.
Now if you want to, (and i suggest you do), you should visualize your aura and any other energy that is coming out of you to be drawn in towards yourself. Making your aura unable to touch other people’s energy.
This will simply block off your unwanted energy stealings

But it sounds like you are more than a psychic vampire. It seems you have a more manipulative side, (not in a bad way), and you said your pretty sexual. Plus you mentioned this has been going on sense you were young. So all of that added together would lead me to believe that you are Succubis/Inccubis, and all that you need to do is learn how to control your innate powers.

For the Letter of Intent thing; i suggest you go head and do that and have a relationship with someone like that for now. Then eventually you might want to find someone who you can truly be physically with.

I hope this will help you out and good luck.

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Thank you. I’ll definitely do that exercise. Do I need this energy? If I close myself off from energy of others, will that hurt me? Is it the reason I’ve been feeling so drained myself since I distant myself from people? And is there a way I can get this energy without hurting anyone? I have 3 children. Do I do it to them? They seem fine but still it worries me. Sorry for the many many questions and I really appreciate it if you or anyone could suggest a book or something.


I don’t think you caused it. They were probably just weak.

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All you are doing is stopping your aura from going to other people unintentionally… Which seems to cause certian issues with other men.
But it won’t close you off entirely. And if your children seem fine then that means they are fine as they are and it also means you are not hurting them or affecting them in any bad way.

@Kassapu is correct btw; in my opinion at least.

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Cambions are able to be many things, they are part incubus/succubus with human qualities, I have one as my companion, I have to say I have a spirit family and they are more loving and loyal than anything on two legs walking and breathing humans disgust me, they are all the same and the thought of a man makes me want to puke, being with a woman is worse. My spirits never fail me, they don’t turn on me, Cambion are extremely protective and the best lovers if you are open to that, very powerful they’ll show you they are there trust me. All they want in return is your love and time with you, now this is my own experience. Not everyone’s is the same not everyone correctly does spirit keeping. You have to love and respect your spirits treat them with respect, not at servants and slaves which a lot of people mistake with spirits, you can’t just be like do this do that and expect it, a lot of people get fucked up for being that way and really wonder why lol. If you are feeling drawn to this one is probably already drawn to you too they can choose you as well, they are extremely beautiful and I’m telling you there’s not a human touch alive that can match their magick

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From what i read from your story, we need to talk… there is a solution

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Hello @DarkestKnight I will do so now no problem :stars:thank you for having me!

I did it

Well I don’t seek any solutions if your comment was for me? I’m happy

my name is luka and i have a lot of weird things about me. I have dark eyes and some things that I am able to do that no one has ever done. When ever I go to church, I always seem to feel more tired even when I tend to wake up super alert and ready to get out of the house. I always tend to hear voices in my head along with screaming. please get back to me as fast as possible.

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