Amon: Did he hear me?

Earlier today I tried to summon Amos to get my ex lover back. I drew his sigil, then put my lovers name around the sigil. I didnt have a photo of him. I focused on it until I was in a calm meditating state of mind. I said the prayer to call him and explained to him what I wanted to happen and gave him his offering. I had a small, barely noticable headache only on the left side and felt something lightly touch me. I thanked him and folded the paper up to put inside my phone case.

My question is can anyone tell me what Amon said about it? I’ve seen some comments where they can reach out to him and ask him what he said.

I just want to make sure I did this right. I’m very hopeful that everything will work

Don’t ever be doubtful in magick that’s part of why it doesn’t work. You only need to believe that he heard you because he did. Nothing has to happen for him to have heard you, you just need to know before that when you reach out to someone they hear you out. as far as what he said I can’t tell you that but trust your gut.


I agree with what you said. I still remember judging the spirits and magick itself yet now I summoned legions of demons and change my reality by the powers of dark and light. Belief is the greatest tool a mage has and hence they must use it.


Thank you for the response. I most definitely believe it will come to me.

Thank you for the response. I have every bit of trust in him and the fact that it will come to me.

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That’s all you need, keep that positive and hopeful attitude :bouquet:

Good luck.

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