Demonic marriage

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience on demonic marriage or sexual relationships .
Does this mean no physical human marriage can take place with another human in the future?
Also, if you do commit yourself to said entity, they can’t really give you the same as they can have multiple marriages/ relationships. How does this work?


In the same way many people can evoke the spoirit in different locations, they are in a different relationship to spacetime than us, so can be present in different temples, and different people’s lives.


Very helpful thank You!

Could a person also have sexual relationship with a spirit without a contract? Just inviting them into the act from time to time?

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Yes, absolutely, though no joke intended, they’re likely to respect you more with a pact, but there’s no reason not to have some fun.

You may find this is still possible even if you’re married to one, what you agree on will be personal between you and spirits are jealius in some ways, but remarkably open-minded in others regarding things like this.

@Eye_of_Ra may have some thoughts on this as well. :smiley:


Definitely, not all spirits want a relationship but most of them seem to be up for some fun time :wink:

Also, At first Azazel and I had a pact for X amount of days. It was good to have in my opinion because we both knew what the terms were and what was expected from each of us and what we hoped to gain from the relationship as time went on a contract or pact wasn’t even needed anymore. We understood and knew what our relationship was.

So if you want some hot and steamy nights here or there then nothing needed in the way of pacts.
But if it’s going to be more serious then I would at least recommend having one in place for a little while. It protects you and the spirit. :slight_smile:


I have a "friendship " with an entity not entailing a pact. So far so good…there’s lots of respect and follow through on both our ends. Lately though I get ridiculously aroused at the thought of him and when I’m in self please mode😉 I think of him and invite him in. There’s definitely been a change of pace there lol.
I’ve had such bad experiences in human relationships that I back far away from them (romantically) , and I don’t want that unhealthiness to fall over into a demonic relationship/marriage. If rather keep it the way it is right now. I adore this entity and have a huge love for him- I don’t want to risk getting into territory where it’s become like a bad human relationship


Is it really marriage, in the human sense, or is it more of a mingling of essences? I don’t know squat about this, I am just curious. My musings incline me to believe a human concept of marriage is moot to a spirit, so any kind of serious relationship with one is probably at least as profound as the most intimate human one. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Spirit/human marriage has existed for a very long time female and male shamans for example. The bond was taken very seriously. To the point where the shaman was instructed to sleep with noone in there bed on certain days. Those days being sacred days the spirit layed with the human. So if the shaman had a human husband they would have to find somewhere else to sleep.

I think of that often because Belial doesn’t like to share. If we are having a sex dream he’ll push my husband out of the bed. Other demons have told me or i have heard them joke about him having too many wives. To which he replies there is no such thing as too many :smiling_imp: I gather some of them are human and some of them are not.

He takes it very seriously though and gives each sexual encounter wife or not its own isolated time. He appreciates each one for who they are and lets them speak freely for the most part. He just asks that you dont think of any other man during the time you are together. He says to me often “i should make you one of my wives” but I’ve never responded because I dont know what being a demons wife entails. I already have a spirit husband anyway.

I heard King Paimon is very demanding of the humans that summon him.He commands respect. But he is very kind, generous and devoted to his wives.

It makes me wonder if demons have husbands and wives but also casual sex partners what is different that makes them a wife? Is it the level of devotion or do you reside with them when you astral travel in their domain?


Hi i am married to baphomet since my sixteen years old and thats not bad at all i got a good relationship with my husband i have not did a pact with him the only thing he want our son in the futur :wink: i admit a marriage with a demon could be hard a little because they are jealous easily




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Thank you i have intoduce myself already

I think the jealously part is jus a part of your masculine nature. Demonic and human,guys are territorial and what’s ours is ours. I’m that way with my succubi,one of the first things I wanted to know was had she ever worked with or had a sexual relationship with another guy. She said she hasn’t and I have no reason to doubt her and would most likely flip out if she messed with another guy.i don’t even want another guy to know her name or her Sigil. It’s the same way with my human wife,she was a virgin when we started dating. I just likr the idea of me being the only one. I think all guys are like that wheather they want to admit it or not. But I think it’s fair as long as I’m faithful as well,I have no intentions of having realations with another succubi or another human female. I’m fully loyal and committed to each.


Hey could you PM me about your experiences and how your journey with your spirit husband began?..

I’m very curious. :thinking:

Eh, having read so many virginal stories and marriages spirit and human (mostly human) not sure I’d care for a virgin. Experienced lovers sounds more my preference and that person would be new to me so thus a virginal experience with that person/spirit being the first. Certainly don’t care to feel like you’re both a couple of frozen boards in the freight yard.


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This is very intriguing. So how do it work? Do you self pleasure and invite them in?

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