Putting Spirts Into Objects?

I’ve known in the past of people binding spirits to pots and jewelry and shit but what about things like liquid or string. Just curious.


Probably possible. When you say liquid, do you mean like a cup of water, or a pond, or a lake?

String might work, but it’s not the most durable thing you could try to use as a vessel.


Binding a spirit to a pond is a fascinating idea.


It’s possible I do it to things around me that have negative intention parasites and such


If you want to start moving spirit’s into objects, first you’re going to have to become fairly Adept at working with energy. Putting spirit into objects is a fairly Advanced skill. He has to know how to actually manipulate energy, use that energy to grab something and the metaphysical planes, move the object around in the metaphysical planes, and use sympathetic magic in order to transfer into the object you’re trying to put it in. You also know how to Anchor the spirit to the object, how to keep the spirit from leaving of its own accord, not to mention the simple fact of what you’re trying to Anchor the spirit to the object for in the first place. Are you going to turn it into the cursed item? Are you going to turn it into a healing talisman? Or, are you simply going to put a tiny piece of one of the 72 into a statue of that deity?

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