Help! asap!

Is there anyone who could please cast a spell for me?

I know a bunch of people are going to think im crazy but i have a parole officer appointment at 11 and i just need a pass 1 time.

I’ll explain it then and give a report on everything. Somebody please help me.

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Just introduced myself thanks for the reminder

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Abra cadabra stop doing drugs.
There you go. Best spell ever.
If you make poor choices, expect poor results.
I for one, am not bailing you out of a mess you intentionally created for yourself when you knew the risks.
Call it tough love.
Actually, you may wish to evoke King Belial.


Could also be he was under false allegations.


Spell begging is also not allowed here.

I would suggest you call on Belial right away. He can help with legal matters, but he doesn’t suffer BS just be warned and take it seriously (aka don’t do things to piss off your patrol officer).

Look him up here on this forum, there are tons of threads about Belial.


Could be, but if you’re on parole and you know you could be randomly called in, the result of that test is 100% in your hands to be negative or positive, regardless of WHY you were on parole to start with.


I agree with @anon50363245 you know when you have your parole coming up and you know how long drugs take to get out of your system completely.

This isn’t an issue of him being under false allegations- he wanted to get high / drunk - he did and now he has to suffer.

Can’t stand it when people do stuff like this.


If it is for your highest good, mote it be.


Hear, hear @anon50363245 and @chi. Regardless of why you’re on parole, you 1) know when you have to see your parole officer and know what’s expected of you and 2) know that compliance is what keeps you out of the cage and keeps you from going right back in.

Edited: to give credit where due.


lol you’re good.

I wonder if Belial will help him…:thinking:

The King doesn’t like addiction, but also doesn’t like authority except his own. Who knows.


True true. We’ll see :relieved:

Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

However, I would have a hard time stopping the work day to cast a blind spell and ask for a stranger to pass a drug test without knowing why I’m doing it, much less asking Belial to do this for me.

Hopefully, he’s figured out a way to do his own work on the matter.


Well I asked Vapula out of the blue and very last minute to help me pass a test without ever working with her before and she helped me get an 80 so Belial could do the same.

Granted- Vapula was already hanging around me before I called on her so that could’ve affected how it went.

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But it was you asking for yourself and I’m assuming you weren’t intending to deceive/have your cake and eat it, too.

I could just be projecting onto this guy the Monday frustration of walking into an office where lack of preparation on someone else’s part is apparently an emergency on my part…


AH I see what you mean.

You may be but I don’t think so. I lowkey forgot the situation.

I get you dw.

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@wickedpea I was only about halfway prepared and I didnt ask to pass with flying colors- only to get a 50 or so. So I see what you mean.

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Just wanted to update everyone I’m obviously still on the outside lol. Yes I live in a very corrupt state and its 2nd in the nation actually. Anyways i got setup so to speak by the cops and got probation out of having 100% proof of innocence go figure, and now my P .O. tests me for a med i have a script for!!! No not any kind of opiate natural or synthetic, but yeah that’s my state for you.


Oh, you want to run in here and start begging people for us to do spells for you? Cool, send me a PM, and I’ll give you the link to my PayPal. Just so you know, you could either choose a flat rate of $200, or, for $150, I’ll walk you through how to do it yourself.

Is anybody else getting a little bit sick of these people running in her thinking that we’re going to do everything for them for free? Like we’re all just sitting around waiting for somebody to tell us what to do?

If I’m going to be somebody’s Genie, I better get the phenomenal cosmic power that comes with it, not just the itty bitty living space.