Why so many intros?

Yep… he asked for it, and now he’s going to get it :neutral_face:
It’s weird but looks like that YT video is really attracting people with strange mentality lately :thinking:


Her dark side tyrant eva will rain down agony :joy::sweat:


True true true ! :wine_glass:


No come on she’s very fair and logical in dealing with such cases… that’s why she’s the boss :grin:


No jokes absolutely calmest person I have ever seen.


Regarding the title, “Why so many intros?”: you may be aware we have a rule that people do intros; when the forum grew, we decided not to force people to only intro in one mega thread, Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

That was because people often join with questions, but with new replies coming in on the reg as others posted an intro, there was no way for those to grow into proper threaded conversations, so a member suggested making a Category in which people could, if they chose, have a whole Topic for their intro, where members could reply without other intros coming in to dilute the conversation.

(By capitalising Topic and Category, I am using terms specific to Discourse, the platform this forum is on, from whose default FAQ used on this forum by the way comes the concept “Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree” which has been inaccurately attributed to BALG as proof this is a cult - a small digression, but an important one. You can verify that by checking the software developer’s own forum FAQ, which uses the same text.)

The rest of your post, I ask you, what are your actual questions for us? :slight_smile:

Because if this is just accusations of stuff based on constructs in your mind of what the forum and its members must be, then with respect, tilting at those windmills wastes your time, and ours.

For a bare minimum of addressing the accusations you’ve made, commercial posting isn’t permitted here, on this forum, for example, and many skilled people gives hours of their time every week to help others with no expectation of finsancial gain (something which is true of all internet forums where knowledgeable people gather, regardless of topic, from knitting to pet care to bricklaying).

So… I answered the only real question you asked, “Why so many intros?” - what else have you got? :smiley:

Or is this just assumptions, and looking for that one reply you can warp to bolster your existing edifices and straw men?

I hope not. :+1:

Reminder to everyone else, let’s please keep this civil, it’s not very nice to be going about your life, and suddenly have a stranger get in your face accusing you and your friends of all kinds of unpleasant things, but this topic can be Muted, let’s not fuel any silly notions by acting from insecurity, annoyance, or defensiveness. :wink:


Lazy? You’ve got to be kidding. If you call any of this work then you really need to rethink that. I see no fundamental logical foundation in this “work.” Maybe i see the physical, mechanical, and chemical more substantial than “magical” objective ideas that supposedly constitue “work.”

Emotional affirmation is the only backing i see here and delusions to frame and support said foundation.

This is how I unterstand it: Basicly magic is working with energy. That energy exists does not need explaining. Humans are not able to percieve everything there is just what our biology is made for. Magic is a system to work with things you normalky can not see or feel unless you train yourself (like learning an instrument etc.). Why it works many if any know it just does. Science can not fully explain why the big bang happened but it did. For some these Spirits you describe are just parts of your own subconcois mind and for others they are seperate like the christian god for the christians. You can go ahead and ask them to prove his existence if you like,too. Other than that i see no problem with taking money for things like readings because nothing in life is free and if it is it is probably shitty. If you are sceptic thats ok but at least be civil about it.


if you continue to attack and provoke members I will discard the hope that you are a person curious about this forum, and treat you as simply here to needle and provoke, aka troll, members.

Please read my reply to you above and cease baseless insults and accusations. You know perfectly well the effects this kind of thing has online if someone persists with it.


it is not worth it …leave it be


Still makes little sense an outside magic/spirit magic force does anything. Affirmation of self seems more likely an answer like a confidence builder.

The rituals themselves… i see no actual working physical foundation.

Wow! go in peace my friend, I don’t think anyone here can help you. May you find what your looking for, but obviously it’s not here.


Unfortunately for you, your frame of mind will never allow you to understand the inner workings of Magick. However, if you prefer to go down the path of madness and continue your questioning, I might suggest reading “Liber Kaos” by Peter J Carroll to understand the quantum mechanics of Magick


Do you believe people have an innate spiritual/magickal core (soul, spirit)?

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You have yet to properly introduce yourself, so lets try this once again…
Here’s some Ideas for your intro:

So provide us with these informations or anything else you’d like to share with us about you. Failing to provide a proper intro is against the rules after all. I hope you don’t need a fundamental explanation of what rules are, right?
All I see all this time is just an attack against everyone, so show us you came here to learn and not to just troll.


The psychology of self i see but really a chant to manifest material, harm others, etc esp if unaware seems tantamount to failure. Its how i see things. I am quite mechanical in that nature. I still question and i can’t follow blind faith. Runes, chants, offerings, gestures, etc either has a near 100% working formulae or it just seems fake. Take the psychology and perception away and the solid base working formula should work. Yes, i follow recipes and they should produce a result. I follow building instructions it should result in the desired construct. I see no reason why magic should be any different. A soul less robot should be able to perform it. And i just don’t see that nor heard of such working.

Is magic a technology or not?

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I know we have an awareness and a power source. We function based on fuel. The why we have awareness seems… odd.

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Many members’ experiences say not:

This book will cover most seeming paradoxes you’ll find regarding what’s “real” and what’s “just” in your mind: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


If you are referring to cyber magick, it is a thing that can be put to use.
Here you can find a useful resource if your interests are located in this field


I was looking for this for nearly 1 year,thanks