Is it wrong to cheat on your spouse?

Do you have to tell your wife or husband if you’ve given into temptation with another?

If you’re the victim, can you curse your spouse and person who your spouse cheated on you with?


If you are going to cheat either break up or talking about being polyamory. It’s not fair to be doing shit behind their back especially if they are faithful to you.

Who knows maybe they will be open to a ploy life or letting you do you while they stay faithful. Don’t take away their consent or choice by being shady.


stepping outside of ethics, you technically do not have to do anything. However, it is highly likely that the truth will come out one way or another so it would be advantageous to come clean if it is something you already done if you want a chance to mend the relationship. Although that possiblity lies in the partner’s court.

Speaking once again outside the scope of ethics, yes they can if they have the knowledge to pull it off. Many historical curses revolve around this issue, so it is something that has been done for a long time now


Yes you should tell them and yes it’s wrong. This is coming from someone who did cheat and even though it took years my husband and I are now stronger than ever. We had to work out a lot and dig deep to fix our problems but we have been through lifetimes together… Either talk it out, work it out, or end it. You need to fix what is wrong or move on. And doing curses is only helpful if the other person was just cruel and deserves it.


My friend cheated on his wife. He thought their relationship was over, because things were going so bad. Strangely, their relationship strengthened after he cheated. Now, he feels guilty, but is obviously afraid of confessing. I told him to just break it off with the other girl.

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Yes he needs to get some balls and tell what he’s done if they agreed to a monogamous relationship ,

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Talking about it to his wife may be the only way to end the guilt. It will be messy but it needs to be done

I personally would have just not put an exclusivity clause in my trust contract so it isn’t cheating.

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I told him to do this

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The question I asked myself when I did it was- do I plan to do it again?
Shit happens. I am weak when it comes to certain people in certain situations.
It’s the pre-meditated affairs that span multiple meetings, or if you’ve established a pattern that I’d worry about. Like for instance, if every time you go out with your friends you cheat. That is an issue.
But if it’s a 1x thing and your confident you won’t do it again…well…you get to live with that guilt.

  1. You don’t HAVE to. But you probably will feel easier. It’s a personal thing anyway, harder but wiser in the long run.

I do not know what I’d do if such a thing ever happened. I never had any respect for the people who can’t (and most probably just don’t wanna to) control themselves and try my best to not have any business with them. I don’t know if I’d have a balls to tell or not. It wouldn’t even matter. What will is that I will never be able to fully respect myself again, and for the magick practicioner it might (I guess) be sort of sentence.

  1. As far as I know, you can curse anyone you want, especially if you feel offended or angry. But be sure not to regret it. Regret and guilt alone may hit you back during baneful workings, or so I heard.

As for me - no, I will not. Mind you, I am a very agressive and violent person, quick to bring harm of any kind to anyone who act against me, but I do not consider an act of cheating as an offence. It looks petty and weak for me, yes, but I do not see it as a reason for punishment. On the other hand, if I discover that I was used the whole time, for example, or this cheating had a purpouse to hurt me - well, then I will retaliate. Hard. But only on these circumstances.

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That type of morality is extremely personal. We can only reflect on the consequences of our actions. That’s what matters. I mean, the divine isn’t afraid of it.

Krishna was seen as a full embodiment of the divine, a “full person” and was a heart breaker, who was a crook and a liar. So he was many things, and yet he was fully himself. See? This is the kind of thing only you can judge.

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Comes down to your personal view point. The Gods do look down on cheating despite them doing it in their lore. I was dating a girl out of boredom and when I broke up with her one of my Deities told me I did the right thing.

You can definitely curse both of them. I recommend Hera in this case.

I agree! Mono or poly relationship must have sharing everything for things to work out. Even if there is no “entertainment” together.

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