What's your opinion on what people post here?

Both of those options have equal validity - you have answered your question, friend. And some people just like to stir the pot…

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Already posted this answer, accidentally sent it twice.

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Just to expand and clarify my earlier post is that as people here progress on their magickal journeys they encounter states of consciousness phenomenon or personal gnosis that language can sometimes fall short to convey a message or experience that another person can relate to.

For the most part, I think the people here are interesting. :ghost:


ok yea I know of the whole gov’t infiltration thing I didn’t know that was a term to it though. I dodntvknow about forum infiltration but i have heard about his infiltrating every single mainstream program from science to history to control the narrative. they pay top scientists in their fields to back whatever they feel fit for the public to believe at that time. this i highly beliebe in and believe to be true from the countless things I’ve seen on this subject. one guy I can name who you can just tell is involved is that bill nye science guy dude. he has come back to the spotlight with Netflix serious preaching everything the govt wants you to believe from global warming to other issues (now I’m not saying global warming isn’t happening but u do believe they are lying about the specifics off it all) the planet has been warming and cooling long before we had modern tech (or do were told). if these scientists and others disagree with the gov’t narrative they are either silenced or wrongly discredited of made out to be insane. this is true.

anyways as far as you doing the same on other forums involving misinformation purposely that is pretty fucked up man! how does this make you happy in any way? wouldn’t that same shit piss you off if you were in their shoes ? why would you want to lead others away from spiritual accent


I can tell you from life long personal experience since I was a little tiny baby who died by Liliths’ command via her white snake demon lieutenant Necesh Beliel, her son taking me again in a Hellicopter down in 98 via Sariel her living demonic son, to her direct attempt on my life in 2004 causing me a 16 day ICU stay and 10 months bedrest to recover just now able to walk without a cain 14 years later. I know how to trap her or any demon you know the true name of. I warn you against it though. The preperation for safely attracting, summoning/conjuring Lilith then catching her against her will or vesseling her invloves over a month of all sexual abstinence, also physical cleansing internally and externally with a daily changing regiment of inner and outer application and intake as well as rituals varrying from day to day until the morning day and night of the final work.This involves going to a prechosen exterior nature non-inhabited location, mountain, woods, river spring or lake, no island deasert or ocean/salted body of water. Creating ancient, pre-Solomnic, pre-Hebrew, pre-ancient Egyptian, circles of protections and directional and elemental sigilistic based geometric standards adormed with proper brasers and differentiating contents, offerings, shapes, shape directions, colors, incenses, and types and colors and ages and number combinations of feathered, skeletol, hide/skin, ancient coinage and carved stone of predetermined color and type. Aquiring the help of the correct 8 watch tower gaurdians by name and craft four for each direction and four for the elements. Then conjuring communication for parlay with need of alighnment of purpose from Agrath, Makhloth and the other two spirits who hate Lilith most, each at the correct secondary blader within not on the protection circle like the other 8, with correct secondary incense and candle color or lamp vessil compesition and fuel(differnt for each of the four). Then within the circle of protection large enough for a vessil of brass with brass lid, or iron wood, or white jade(quite pricy), with wax pre poured and pre molded and pre inscribed upon both surfaces of rim of lid and vessil enough to create a seal quickly and thoroughly when needed. Also 3lbs White clay, 5lbs black chalk(real chalk), 4lbs red natural cinnabar, 4kgs dead sea salts, 4kgs black salts from hindu kush(naturally occuring salts with very high sulfur content), 32plus ozs honey, 3lbs yellow clay, 8lbs black sand, 8lbs white sand, 64ozs olive oil, 16ozs cedar, 16ozs myhr, 12ozs ladinum, 8 ozs natural mediteranian safron incense, 11inch minimal white oak or pure silver wand, silver or gold ring sized right ring finger, bracelets and anklets of gold and silver one each minimal per appendage. 21 ancient silver or gold coins, Alexander take over of Babylon or before works nicely and is still available, mind you, 17 will be useable at market or for sale again, four will not as they will be vessilled with Lilith. One sharp knife(scalpel sharp or a scalpel steel, silver gold acceptable, no iron. Additional, sulfur, coal(not charcoal), box/riticual of correct stone or correct wood capable of holding vessil to contain Lilith with its lid completely within along with surmounting iron bamds or iron chains and seal/lock and with this completely surrounded by no less than two inches of rock salt below, above and on all sides between reticual and vessil and still able to close lid. Additional two iron bamds and seals/lockes to go completely around closed riticual one way then crossed around the other. Scribing, etching or chisseling/filing tool to etch the names Senoi, Sanesou and Semangloph around each iron band continuously until every inch of both completely around are scribed into the iron with their names. Additional, five proper long burning torches or brass ghee or oil lamps with an oil available in ancient times. One whicked wand, long burning candle, wax of bees grey only, no shoes, wool or cotton or silk dohtee, sarong, waste wrap etc, no hoods no robes, saffron, grey or green and gold combo are the choices. No necklaces pendants earings or head adprnments. Additional 25kgs rocksalt. 8 brass flat brazers/trays minimal 12 inches diameter. Also know prior to this night of works you and with help for ease if possible must capture, weaken or enslave or ward against: Samael, Sariel, Necesh Beliel, Nacash Savta, Solhei, Naamah, Ardat, and Eisheth amoungst a few others before taking on Lilith, as they are lovers, children, or gaurdians of Lilith. All this and more at the right time in the right way must be accomplished, also you must have certain diet, schedule, bells, horns, conchs, ancient material harp strings, a piece of a used noose, headsmens axe, hanging tree or scaffold or funeral pyre as well. Also two vessils of melted ice(natural mountain or glacier) or fresh from spring, of glass stone or clay, one minimal a gallon, second three gallons, also gallon red whine ancient prefferred, any Mediterranean or middle eastern or gaelic/german red whine from 7,000bc to 1918 would be acceptable, older better. Also there are a couple of hard to obtain but not impossible to obtain items I will only fill you in on a personal correspondance if you i quire. I left many things, items, details, and incantations/mantras put on purpose so you do not try this haphazardly. All this and more is neccesary to obtain and vessil Lilith against her will. Crowley and Dee Thelemic Helenic and so on rights will not obtain her safely, as neither will writing her name in sands, blood, candles or writing her letters then oftingvthem or burning them. Cheap, unsafe, unscrupulous and usually unneffective practices.

With refference to this site, mostly full of self engrandizing, egotistical, self worshippers, or half or less there ritualistic practioners or charlatans working fools for money, sex, trade or other benifits. I know Xena and Stanton Levay personally, as well as the heads of the ancient European and Middle Eastern true covens, and orders. I myself am a grey practioner/worker, with my name written into the ancient book of the dead at age 8 and ancient book of life at 9, and even more ancient book of three at age 13, in my own blood, in true ritual, awakening, illumination and the quickening being my first three pagan sex rituals. Starting at early boyhood on, I have listened, read, practiced, summoned, invisioned, saught, taught, aquired and become true unfiltered knowledge and have learned to recognize the rest as what it is, evil, hollow or worse fake.

Questions, comments, needs?

Additionally I have two seperately vessiled spirits/demons, I am looking for a new home for. If properly trained for it, you could learn to aquire favors or alighnments with one, the other or both. Just a thought!


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@Odonus please use paragraph breaks, your post is more or less unreadable! :+1:




I only post absolute crap on these forums, stuff that doesn’t work because I’ve just made it up and never done it myself. The arrant nonsense I’ve got away with posting here even makes me feel terribly ashamed. But there it is…

In terms of Magick generally and the lhp specifically the only entity who matters is me. I know what I’ve done, can do and for what I still strive. On our path grades are recognised, not awarded.

Last time I saw spiritual entities was about a quarter century ago. Since then my Magick has improved but I don’t see spiritual entities any more. I can’t prove to anyone that I saw those entities or the ghosts I experienced when I was young, but I have no desire to do so anyway.

The very long term Magick I’m addicted to is difficult to explain (for a variety of reasons) and I’ll die before that Magick in all its fullness manifests, so I’m all by myself – but that’s the true left hand path!

I do keep a Magickal Journal, but again, no one sees that and it’s coded.



Hello Knowledgeseeker,

Years ago in NYC I was real life friends with a group of people who used sacredmagick forums and occult forums. We would see some people post crazy schizophrenic or possibly role playing type fantasy posts. Sometimes we would poke some fun at those people. Not just for the sake of being asshats but for it being very amusing.

When I read a crazy post like that I might laugh. Especially if it has some amusing reply’s. As a moderator I could see peoples IP addresses and knew that some people had more than one account and avatar I guess you could call it. So with one avatar they would ask questions. With the other avatar they would pretend to know everything. The occult is the study of the unknown so as soon as you know it all you minus well find a new hobby. In general ceremonial magicians are the most serious often way too serious. Anyways there is a lot to be said for actually trying to do things the right way.

Don’t let trolls and drooling morons dissuade you. Unfortunately magick tends to attract some mental unfortunates. That does not mean that it does not attract great minds as well. I am sure that this forum as well as many others has some great minds.

You are correct about liars though. For example people who had multiple accounts we used to ban because sometimes they posted abusive stuff. Although some fantastic alter egos that were well liked the owner wanted to stay on the site. :smiley:


Well expressed and spot on, except that Magick attracts many a mental unfortunate.



The problem is that the occult is taboo. People are raised their entire life being told its evil and they will go to hell etc. So the type of person attracted is more off the beaten path. Probably not a whole lot of Jesus freaks.

Definitely some people who felt a calling to the LHP or dark arts. Perhaps some people who are a little misguided about what kind of deity Lucifer is. Certainly some people who are so smart they read the Bible and every other religious book on the planet and said hey its the same freaking story over and over again. Such people might find themselves unfulfilled and search knowledge in areas less known.

Also I have no doubt because I have seen it in person with my own eyes many times; some people better off in mental institutions. I mean bat shit crazy bro. There was this guy who studied the Book of Black Magick I believe by A.E. Waite. Anyways it was one of those guys Crowley made fun of all the time. This dude thought his family had been cursed and was seeking all sorts of protection. Writing symbols on his flesh with magick marker. Walking around wide eyed mumbling. Asking us for help and actually terrified of us as well. He would not let us see his book. I was like bro you bought that at like Barnes and Nobles right? Finally he sold his soul to some dark spirit and disappeared.

He was not all that bad now some other people I met my god the post would get ban hammered.


The Book of Black Magic & Pacts makes a great doorstop. As a beginner’s book it’s cut and paste rubbish.

Head cases are attracted to occultism, even more to our path, like flies to turd. There’s nothing much you can do about it. Part of what I do Magickally is based upon exploiting human nature. Why not? That’s what Edward Arthur Waite did when he published The Book of Black Magic & Pacts.



Thats also what Christopher S. Hyatt did when he published The Psychopaths Bible


I don’t have one! People here are their own brand of crazy. But hey, what’s a me to judge? :space_invader:


Ha ha. I was kinda tempted to harp on him a bit but lots of people love his Tarot deck so I kept quiet. I prefer the Deck of Thoth myself. Noob Gypsy Deck
Big 8===D gangsta deck


well thanks for that info then Al. I will never take what you lost seriously then. thanks for being honest

. lol the sad thing is i can’t tell if you are joking or not! so I’ll have to jist play it safe. that’s the sad thing about beginners that get into this stuff that are actually of sound mind who want to accend spiritually and learn the unknown. the fact is we don’t know who is bullshit and who isn’t! and it sucks! it drives me fucking crazy lol but not actually mentally crazy like some people here. if i could just block out all the b.s on this forum it would make my life and advancent of magic much easier and less time consuming. I don’t want to waste my brain on absorbing complete bullshit! and my time for that matter. the only reason I even got into this stuff in the first place is because I had some real life experiences that made me quesrion everything and anything.

I do truly want to learn but i don’t know who is completely full of shit or not. I don’t understand how it’s amusing for people to post completely bullshit unless your just joking with someone and maje it obvious. those people/trolls need to get a fucking life! this is why I wish I knew someone in my real physical life that i could go talk to and learn from.

I am not at the point where I can hear spirits (when i want to) and can only see shit when i accidentally enter the astral orher then shit swirling around my room from time to time which is like camaflauged (invisible) if that makes sense.

because of my limitations at the moment i can’t just learn from. spirits and other entities since I can’t communicate with them. communication is key!

honestly if i didn’t have my own unbelievable experiences since I started doing this a couple months ago that proved this shit is real I would of stopped and would be like the other 99.999999% of people in this world.

I really jusy crave authenticity and wish there wernt so many bullshitters here and elsewhere. once I get to a certain level i won’t even need thia forum bc for anything and hopefully I can get there soon. I also noticed there are a bunch of kids. like under 17 that are on this forum and that kind of pisses me off too. at that age you don’t know shit but you think you know everything.

I don’t want to here how to do a certain ritual or spell from a 15 yr old. no offense to any 15yr olds reading this.

I’d like to stay using this forum but i need to find out which members actually know their shit and which ones are just full of shit. yes I know we all start somewhere, i myself am very new but i don’t claim to know anything. the only things I give advice to anyone on is basic evocation and that people don’t need all this extra bullshit to get started bc I didn’t. I can’t even do damn invocation correctly yet! ughh.

so yes I am very skeptical of the people here and don’t know who the hell to take seriously which blows!

the only person I think that i can take what they say as legit id ladyeve bc she’s a moderator! and I don’t even know if all of she says is legit bc some of it seems pretty bonkers :blush: i know all of this stuff is a little bonkers and if one does not have an open mind they won’t get far.

no offense lady eve and I know you even say on a couple things that it may sound crazy so you can chose to believe it or not to (which I love) :grin:

as far as everyone else goes idfk…
well there’s my long answer and a little rant. I haven’t been on here for a few days because if my new job (which I’m 100% sure I got using magic by the way)

my success in getting this job in the way that i did and in the position I’m currently in along with the job position I got is so unreal i could not have gotten it without the help of the entities i worked with or without the help of magic. I want to give all the details but i cant at this time. (I hate hearing that on here too btw)

(the spirits won’t let me tell you… stop lyin!)

I won’t say it because so don’t know who could possibly come across this. a coworker? my boss? yea so that’s my reasoning. let me just say that the different pieces that fell into place that allowed me to get this job would not have happened that’s why I even made this thread to see what others think about what ppl post here bc I want to learn more… much more!!! but i don’t know who to trust in!

btw this post was directed at everyone even tho j replied to uncle al.


yes I agree. I would write more bit I already posted a long ass comment… refer to that lol


maybe you can drop some user names of reliable sources here?!?!?

as in reliable members who post real true shit?

I don’t think that wpuld be breaking any rules.or be bad in anyway since you would be talking positively about people not negatively.

am i right? just a thought. I usually look to see what you say about things on here since you are one of the few people I have a little faith in when it comes to content​:kissing_closed_eyes::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like the content has gone down in quality a bit these past few months.

I’ve been feeling kinda bad lately because I think I do contribute to the problem. I’m taking a break from magick for a little so I dont have anything useful to share these days. Nothing worth sharing anyways.

Dont get me wrong there still are some posts going on with great content and I’m sure theres still a lot of great experiences going about, but compared to when I first joined it just seemed like there was more.

I feel like this has happened with most groups I’ve been in. It starts off really really good, then just sort of falls off track due to the lack of people actually putting forth the time and effort of actually progressing, and the people who Are just lose interest. I’m not accusing anyone here of that specifically. Just saying it’d be a shame for that to happen.

I do like all the chatting too. It’s nice to just have conversations about nothing with like minded individuals. Just wish there was a balance. I’m sure we’ll find that sweet spot eventually. I just dont want BALG reverting to mostly chitter chatter. I still believe in this place.


I think that’s pretty easy to discern with repeated use of the search bar. At least it has been for me anyway. Any time I look up a topic and switch through the different threads I begin to notice a pattern of the people who post quality content as opposed to someone who’s… just sort of lacking.


ya that’s true for some things. others tho ill get drawn to something I’m interested in and don’t know what to believe about it. one thing for example is a thread I was reading not too long ago on changing the past to change your present situation. now for me personally there was this one particular thing that if i changed would have drastically changed my life completely. now that’s not to say that something as simple as taking a right turn instead of a left turn one day could change your life even more drastically. thinkong about that shit and the possibilities blows my mind. anyway when it comes to actually attemptong to do it. if i ever decide to l would be thinking of a couple things such as would i remember both timelines? where would i end up exactly? would i be here in 2018 when i finished or on the year of the event I wanted to channge? and even tho i already asked these questions on that particular thread and receive answers, how the fuck do i know if that individual knows what they are talking about at all. best case scenario if i wasn’t successful woukd be nothing happened which is fine but close to the worst case scenario would be i end up not remembering a thing and in a whole new life where I never got into any of this and my life coukd in fact be much worse and I’m stuck there screwed!

now I know you might be thinking why the hell am i talkong about this and the reason is because of the fact that if what im researching here is bullshit from a certain piece of content then when i go to do a specific thing I could be screwing myself in an unknown number of ways.

ugh well that’s all sorry about the long post. I just want someone real i can deal with! well I’m beat I’m gonna meditate and go to bed cya☺