Help difícult

Hello everyone, for some time now I have been persecuted by entities, I do not know because I have never made evocations beyond the churches. I left the church because I noticed a big lie there, and I was attracted by the occult, I started to study hard nights in clear and astrology, I found out in a dream that I already knew was inside me asleep.
To shorten a dream with an entity that caught my attention and I found out it was Azazel, he took me to the dream place and brought me back, the second when meditating was Anubis was reciting dabraka before sleeping Anubis appeared and was 2.00 meters tall just touched my third eye and disappeared, another entity stayed in my room for a long time, I did not see the naked eye but spoke by telepathy and answered and when he fulfilled went away.Another dream I went to a forest and two witches waiting for me and I had a parchment and the symbol of pity in it, they let me pass and said that the solution to the problem is in the 14th grade of hell and I woke up. incubus came to rip off my clothes and possessed me like a gargoyle,
I just want to know why I can see and hear them?
Why are they looking for me?
Can help?

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