Tutorial: Petition Spells

Hey, you’re definitely not annoying me, you could never do that. We’re all in this journey together, and we can only take it one step at a time. If your intent was to ask the universe to help manifest it based on the laws of attraction, then yeah I could see it being dedicated to the universe, but I still don’t think it applies quite the same, cuz you still didn’t really mean it as a petition spell. The way you describe writing it, it sounds like you had the intention part down properly, but I’m still not certain you can just accidentally cast spells like that without the intention fully behind it. But I can’t say 100% on that one.
Continuing on that line of thought, I can’t say whether or not what you wrote had any impact on things between the two of you. You owe it to yourself to meditate and reflect on how things have been since 11/11, when you burned the writing. Do you feel like you’ve grown at all since then? Do you feel like your confidence or ego are any better? Do you feel like your inner child has been healed at all? This is important, because if you’re wanting to have a relationship with this dude based on progress with your healing, you need to take time to meditate and reflect on it and see what kind of progress you’ve actually made. You also need to understand that whether you have asked the universe, or a spirit, or demon for help, you still need to make effort too. Don’t worry about whether y’all are going to get back together, but still make an effort to be his friend! He unfollowed you? So what?! Text him or call him, ask him how his day was, ask him to hang out sometime, show genuine interest in him as a person and his overall well-being. And just let things happen naturally. What is to come will come. If it’s meant to be, you will find your way back together, and if not, that just means a door has been opened for you elsewhere

Awh thank you so much no ididnt change since burning it to be honest ididnt have any confidence

Awh thank you so much ,I don’t feel that I’ve changed or been healed ,but ididnt write universe in the paper ,is the Intention the main factor to dedicate or you have to write it

Well, there’s definitely something to be said about writing it down. I’ve read in a couple places that what you write down with intent makes the magick more powerful, and I can understand that, because you’re actually putting your thoughts into a physical form, something that takes your time and effort and comes from you. As far as what is the ‘main factor’ in dedicating a petition spell, I can’t say with certainty that you couldn’t just dedicate it with intention alone, but as DarkestNight explained in the initial post, part of the petition you write is the evocation of who you are bringing forth to ask for help. That seems to me a pretty good indication that you also need to write in the petition who or what you’re seeking help from

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I was there wondering how would you word a petition if you are trying to get a specific result like let’s say you are wanting to win a particular sweepstakes.

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Am in the LHP
Can I write a petition spell for loved ones who are following the RHP? Will it work?

I think in a technical sense you could write a petition spell for anyone, whether they’re lhp, rhp, or any other belief, religion, etc. As to whether or not it will work, that depends on different factors. Once you have performed the petition spell, do you trust the entity you called upon to follow through? How easily can you put the spell behind you and forget about it all? As has been pointed out in this thread, obsessing over or ‘lusting after’ results will only work to complicate things

Thank you for your response

Yes. Petitions have nothing to do with Left or Right. They are simply a technique.

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Thank you DarkestKnight

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So I have written the petition and I used Lucifer for a strong guidance through it… do I dress the paper with oils, do I fold it or just place it in a bowl and burn it with a match… when I spoke about the woman that I want. I used her name once and kept saying “her” to make it shorter

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Di you read the first post? It tells you exactly how to do it.

You read it out loud and then burn it.

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I did. I had to read it over and over… the petition was to make her do things that she stopped doing and to come back to me… I saw for it to be done in a few days or a week… we love each other it’s just she’s been distant and cold

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But I do truly appreciate your help… I know Lucifer heard me and knew that I was a bit sad when I was writing and speaking it out loud

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Hey guys

Can i ask for 2 wishes in one petition?


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Yes, you can.

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Thank you.

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This was an awesome tutorial when I was first learning back in July of last year.

Crushed my Reality.



Bumping this for question purposes. @DarkestKnight I did a petition a little earlier with my ritual, but had a little doubt for a second. Is that something that can cause problems in the future or no? I’m feeling better after reading this whole thread.

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