Testicle Channeling

Hello I am new to this forum. I just want to explain an interesting phenomenon that I once experienced and maybe someone could help me understand what I did. I think I have a good idea but I like seeing new perspectives and is also a good conversation starter for occult purposes. Anyway, I got really stoned one day and I was listening to some music. This song I was listening to that I don’t want to reveal the name of, was a high energy song. And what started to happen was that I was feeling energy rise from my testicles as if I was about to have an orgasm. Or more like multiple orgasms that was being released within my nervous system over and over and felt really empowering. The rhythm and speed of which these internal orgasms were happening was aligned with the song. I could also visualize what was happening too. I believe I was channeling an aspect of either Luna or Mars. Because of course magick is sex of the mind. But maybe somebody else could have a better explanation. I always have unique experiences that seem difficult to trace the source of. Like I’ve listened to the same song and had a completely different experience that was none the less amazing and beautiful. Anybody else have any similar experiences or maybe have a more specific explanation?

It happens to me when i’m on cannabis, if i’m alone at my bed i feel like i’m having an orgasm without touching

I feel it. I haven’t smoked weed in months. But the feeling that I was having wasn’t from being horny. It was more of me getting into the song. It was so cool and I’m wondering if other magicians channel energy like this in such a deep state of trance. It’s also kinda difficult to channel like this high without getting mentally foggy(at least for me half the time). Yet it’s also easier to trance out high because connecting the different parts of the brain like this connects you more with your subconscious.

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