Can spirits or spells work on narcissists?

So my whole point of joining the forum was to ultimately get my ex back, in the sense of anything positive, wether it be thro reconciliation or getting back together or both. The more I google and look up stuff I realize it’s possible my ex is a narcissist. Maybe not fully but potentially he is, Like personality disorder kind. Maybe. I can’t be sure obviously because I am no therapist and I’m not giving my ex sessions for diagnosis.
Let’s say he was. Would spirits, demons, spells or anything have any effect at all or am I wasting my time?

Magick will work on anyone. period. However I must caution you. I have had many dealings with people who have Narcissistic personality disorder, and you do NOT want them in your life! They are the epitome of toxic individuals, and abusive beyond measure. If you think so lowly of yourself that you would want a narcissist in your life to abuse you and mistreat you in every conceivable way, then by all means go ahead and win them back with magick. But I would suggest using said magick to bolster your self worth and self respect instead. Please understand that I am not attacking you as a person, all I am asking is that you be brutally honest with yourself… for your own well being.


Is there any possibility that in putting your energy toward reconcile with your ex, you’ve unknowingly pushed yourself toward reconcile with your ex’s narcissistic tendencies, and put yourself in a position to move beyond and above the need for that relationship?

Sometimes (Often. Almost always.) the deeper self has insight on a situation that you don’t perceive in waking time. Perhaps on a deep level, you are being drawn to address the source of your problems with your ex. You might find that your ex was never a hill to climb in order to raise yourself up, just an obstacle to jump on your own path.

To address your question, Yes, magick will work on a narcissist, same as anyone else. Someone with narcissistic tendencies might have a lot of unwitting energy to bring to their own defense if you were foolish enough to TELL them that you were working magick upon them, because they are very good at manipulating reality as it is perceived. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, though.

The below thread comes to mind…

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Narcs don’t love. They don’t have the wiring for it. They pretend to love a target to get narcissistic supply.
If you can convince him you are the perfect source of supply and you will feed him all the time, with your pain, your tears and your cravings, then sure, target him with magick to see that in you, why not?
It’s your funeral.


I’m not entirely sure he’s a narc. I just know things ended badly for us so of course I’m just asking to rule it out. My opinion might be biased but it’s still good info either way

Narcissists are defective, plain and simple.

Yes, magick will work on them (I’ve done it). However, they aren’t capable of truly loving anyone but themselves. A love spell is unlikely to work on them.

An infatuation, obsession, or lust spell will absolutely work on someone who can’t love. But you do NOT want a narcissist infatuated, obsessed, or lusting after you. They are dangerous people.


With that being said maybe my guy isn’t a narc because he doesn’t have a dangerous bone in his body. But who knows. We all have a side of us sometimes even we aren’t aware of :woman_shrugging:t2:

My Narcissistic ex did magic and put so many spells on me, that and a combo of how he treated me, I felt like a walking zombie and didn’t realize how bad it was until I was pulled out of it.

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@Brand_New Yeah, that sounds like something a Person with NPD would do if they learned magick. I’m glad you were able to extricate yourself.


I spent a month smudging my living areas, because as soon as I left protected areas I felt his pull. My hair started to fall out and it stopped after some deep uncrossing. I Bael and Astaroth really helped me realize how stupid I was being and to get out of it. Azazel gave someone in my family the message that I was in a dangerous situation.

Meanwhile as I was leaving him he went out of his way to cut me off from people I thought were friends and try to ruin me.

The real bright side is I discovered who I am. Who my guardians are. I also started doing magic again and try to help people who need uncrossing.


What about controlling the narc behavior? Or rather having control over the thoughts of a narcissist. What if getting out might not be an option, can’t we work with magic to control this personality disorder and also do healing magic?

Sorry if this sounds a little stupid

I think i need uncrossing I
My hairs never stop falling off since i am with my narcissist boyfriend. I wasted a lot of my hard earned money to withches that cant subdue my bf resistAnt mind.

Any help for me?

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