King Paimon and the legion that arrives with him

Hi everyone.
I’m kind of new on invocation and some kind of protection against other spirits that can show up without been invited.

I have had done just a few invocations in my 2 years of left-hand path. My first one was a very scary experience. I was invocating inside of my room when all the power of the entire house went off after the spirit sucked all power of it. I guess that I had to learn to don’t call up to a spirit without a very good reason, so he scared me a lot. After that, I got very concerned to how to deal with surprises or deal with noninvited entities since I’m new and sometimes I can not feel them.

Im planning to invite King Paimon to a serious talking but I have found that he never comes alone, always with 2 more kings + many legions following him. How such I proceed to make sure that none will stay in my place after invocation ends? Any ideas?

**** By the way, English is not my first language, so I apologize the grammar error on the text above*******


Simply ask them to leave if you must. There’s a difference between evoke and invoke. It may also be considered rude to usher an invited guest out before they’re ready to leave.

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King Paimon may not come alone sometimes, but the spirits he brings with him have no intent to harm you or anything. King Paimon is a spirit that after you talk to him, he leaves right away (he’s more business like). The same goes for the spirits he brings with him. If some of them decide to stay a bit longer, they won’t bother you, or they may even want to protect you.


@DarkestKnight There should be a similar image but with Skyrim stuff. You know, like “In the name of the mod, stop right there!” or something like that. It would be funny XD!


I have three months that I can not make an invocation because of the person I still live with and I have been preparing for two weeks to call King Paimon and on these days some nasty things have already happened and now I thought that Wednesday was the perfect opportunity to call the king paimon and it seems that it will not be more, I am a little discouraged. This was just.

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I understand how you feel. There are some times, that we just feel more spiritually active than other times. If someone is just in the way, we can’t go ahead and if this happens many time, we may feel a bit discouraged. But you should know, that you don’t need much to summon him. You can do it while soul travelling, or you should do it as a meditation technique. You need no tools.


He could get this person out of my way, it would help me a lot.

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He can do that.

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