Help I need to find someone to work with

I need to find a demon to work with. My personality is that guy in the underground bar at the darkest corner. Looking around with a ravens eye. Who would be the best for me to work with.


That’s something that you should find for yourself imo.
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I can’t suggest you any demons to work with, if you’re looking for that, because I think that there’s no spirit that will work for everybody. I would say just go with your intuition and work with the deity you feel most pull towards.
BTW, introducing yourself to the members of the forum is mandatory, not an option.
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Grab a pendulum, if you don’t have one, use your earphones. Tell the pendulum to show you what no is, have it tell you what yes is. Pull up the goetia.pdf. Look at each sigil and say “HIGHER SELF, will working with this spirit prove to be most beneficial for my goals?” Wait for a response and the answer will be revealed.


Hey OP! Your personality doesn’t really impact what might work with you, so I’d say figure out what you want to do, first. If you’re going to affix your magic to your personality, figure out what you want to interact with that eye peering out at everybody.

Do you want someone to distract people, so you can get a better look at them? Do you want to see what that someone took from those people?

Strategize! :slight_smile:

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