Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Lady Eva - so I tried the shamanic drumming and definitely felt a connection with the spirit animal in my mind’s eye. Very powerful stuff, felt a bit of an OBE too. The tree part was a bit crazy as different images flew through my mind before I found the entrance to below.
I will have to try again soon when I have some more time to myself. I usually find I can speed up my relaxation going into a trance by using an eye roll technique (looking up towards my 3rd eye) And since I tried this during the day it did help to wear an eye mask to block out the light from my room.

Again, thank you for sharing this method, it really helped.
I am going to try the Void Meditation by AdamThoth, seems to have helped quite a few people.

To further my connection to higher self/subconscious I will be trying a version holotrophic breathing here soon too, did a little of that today while entering the trance. There is a therapist I found locally through a vlogger who created a shorter version of that’s called Neurodynamic Breathing - here’s the link - Breathwork Online - Neurodynamic Breathing. They offer some free sessions so worth checking out for sure.


@eVox_61 Hey brotha here is what you need if you wanted to summon any goetic spirit.

This is an excellent guide. I’ve utilized something similar creating my shrine, my temple, and tools. I had a lot of that destroyed though a few times because some relatives found it and well… yeah… GONE. Now I have to do it in very secretive places. This is why buying my own place out in the country is a dream.


I did it, but I feel I messed up due to looking at my phone constantly for instructions and as a flashlight. But I did feel heat and cold on my forearm so that’s something g


am new to this stuff got any tips to summon a demon that grants me to be more confident, brave, and fearless? no bad demons please or a demon that gives good advice to health of my physical body? i am not a satanist or a mage witch or any of that stuff. am i able to summon a demon if am not any of those? i heard some powerful good demons require loads of experience to summon or requires you to be a mage, witch, warlock etc… let me know what demon is perfect for me to summon this will be my 1st summons i do not want to start in a bad foot with him/her, any extra tips or advice would help like what not to say or what certain questions not to say only good/friendly demons no life harming ones thank you

Bael can be extremely civilised and mellow, I posted about him here: Enlil, Ba'al, Baal, Bael, Bel, Beelzebub, Beelzebuth POST IT HERE!

King Paimon is usually also gentlemanly, as is Azazel.

People who tell you that are doing what we in England call “pulling the ladder up” - meaning, they have been able to do a thing and they are now trying to stop anyone else getting the same ability.

Ignore them, you will find your own level.

Proceed with confidence, and politeness, as though you are a young genius entrepreneur meeting powerful businessmen about a possible partnership.

Don’t be cocky, but don’t grovel either.

Also, very important please:



I said to the demon I evoked, something along the lines of “Thank you for visiting me. I thank you… I’m asking that you may leave me for now. Thank you.” And I saw him go out of my room. I’m very new to all of this, not sure I’m rightful in answering, sorry. But I hope it helps somewhat.


Why shouldn’t you summon a demon? I know maybe some of you might find this disrespectful but would it be fine if I left protective hex bags in each room of my home besides my room?

I’ve summoned demons despite who was around, and always remained respectful to an entity that stepped through and things were fine. A little crazy but things were okay.

I was asked by a member with NO English to make a very simple beginner’s guide they could translate using automated translation, so I wrote it to cover the maximum number of conditions people experience, and most beginners do not have hex bags etc.

And I myself do not use them so there are many different routes once a person has experience, etc.

Of course more experienced people can take a calculated risk. :+1:

But absolute beginners are better off being safe and not taking these risks, so that is why I wrote that.


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Can I do this evocation without candle and black and red ink? Is there anything I can use as substitues for candles and inks if I can’t get them?

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Thank you brother
I will look into it

I did this.

Well, how did it go? :eyes:

as usual

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Hey @Lady_Eva from your expert experience, would you say this part here is a sort of banishing as well? Maybe not a ritual but a quick banishment? Also should it be visualized with the eyes closed or open? Thanks

this popped up once more, trying to summon Lord Lucifer, running into difficulties