About Lucifer... i think

Please, can somebody ask Lucifer if he is mad on something?I tried to channel him but it didn’t work.
Thank you.

Have you channeled him before?

Please post an introduction it is a rule of the forum

I tried but i felt like he was busy or something and didn’t paid me any atention.

He may be ignoring you because you might not be ready. Channeling someone/something you don’t know isn’t the best of ideas, as you have no way of knowing it’s actually him you’re channeling. You might want to spend some time going over the tutorials to get ready for your experiences with him.

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Ok, thank you, i just asked this question because i heard him arguing with someone, because he was very bothered about something, that was all.

Well, if you haven’t done so already, you should first develop your astral senses and then ask him yourself.