Love spell backfired?

Disconnecting like backing off and stuff I tried that my phone stays glued to me

Yea I mean it’s nice to know she cares I have some ex’s that wish I was dead and I’ve put this girl through he’ll. But I would think the feelings would be reversed.

Yeah. Definitely better than her wanting you dead. Would it be too much to ask you to be grateful for what you have? I know I sound like a New Age white light practitioner, but I do think that would be the best way.

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Yea I don’t mind & I’m greatful I just want to figure out a way to stop obsessing over her. It’s crazy

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I think I may have a way. A bit of magick to work on your emotions. PM if interested. I may take a while to respond though.

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Using Sallos to essentially unbind/unravel instead of sever the emotional connection was very effective for me. Particularly since, like you, we have a child together.

That was also the visualization I used in the ritual: basically a DNA strand separating/parting. It took a lot of energy, but for my child’s sake, I desired no ill will for my ex, nor burning hatred, nor sudden uprisings of malicious rage, hurt or despair.

Now I have more of a cold latent hatred that demands nothing and I can put it aside easily when I have to interact. I can joke, laugh, recall the past with no anguish or longing. It’s very pleasant. And I deleted my Facebook account for quite a while as a necessary step. I care about his well being as long as he is protecting and providing for my child as a worthy father as he swore to do, and is doing admirably. I also requested Lilith to assist with his transition away from me (find him a woman that adores my child) and to protect my child as divine mother.

I was also fortunate to have a lovely lock of his hair to burn in ritual.

So, for shit situation, I cannot ask for a better outcome.

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This sounds like a case of not letting the spell go, not a backfiring. When you do magic regardless of the type of magic you have to completely let go of the spell in order for it to take seed and begin to manifest in your life.

Otherwise its like firing a cannonball with a chain welded to the cannon, it ain’t going anywhere far if it doesnt swing back and smack the guy firing the cannon. In the case of workong with spirits your energie end up interfering with the spirits cause your mind is still dwelling on it.

That is one of the main issues that seems to come with spells is aimed at specific people. Detaching from the outcome is that much harder if you havent cultivated the mindset of detachment with magic.

One way to do get around this is to dive head first into a bigger long term goal unrelated to the magic aimed at someone else. For example break up your personal large scale goals for the coming year into chunks then divide them up into multiple small bite size pieces you can do works for either every week or every other week.

This combined with the mundane efforts you put in will result in a snowball effect towards the goal and the rite you preformed a week or 2 ago become the rite you preformed 6months ago very quickly. Lust for results will not be a problem cause at that point you become focused on the Work your doing toward your goal.

Kinda like taking a boat into a river with a strong current and going with the current to go faster. Where as not letting go of the end result would be like paddling against the current.

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Let me apologise for repeating myself, but a banishing ritual (I use the inverted pentagram) can work wonders – if applied. See your ex at the four cardinal points and after you trace the pentagram in front of her, blast the pentagram and her behind it to ends of the multiverse.

Call this psychology or mind games or whatever – but it works for a lot of things, like bad habits, etc.

P.s. Love spells work, but if there’s really no connexion you have to keep doing them.


No as in completely forgetting about them. Focus on a different aspect completely and fully so your totally fixated on another subject instead of the rituals you did. You need to have that slight disconnect for it to set in motion the tasks set.

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He is right. You have to keep those vibrations shooting at them. Like marketing something. Takes someone X amount of times for someone to see an ad before they peak an interest. Keep those vibrations surrounding them, and they will come around eventually. Patience and determination are the key to love spells in my opinion.



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I will stay true to my path :sunglasses:

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What kind of spells did you do on her? Binding I would assume? I would definitely undo any spells of that nature. And mean it. Depending on the type of spell you may have to find poppets or anything you may have buried out there. It binds you to her as much as it binds her to you.

You are obsessed. You can do a spell to break your obsession. I also have noticed that our human nature makes us want something that is rejecting us. For example when I was with this guy he was distant and treating me like garbage. So we broke up and I just wanted him back… Fast forward a couple weeks HE came back to me begging to forgive him and for me to take him back. In that moment I looked at him sitting next to me on that park bench he had found me on and I suddenly was released. I didn’t want him. So I said “Ahhhhhno! I’m good!” and walked away honestly surprised at my sudden change of feelings and feeling free. I would say your obsession may have something to do with rejection and those feelings. Do a cleansing and burning ritual where you release her, and you release your feelings. Write them down and all the reasons you feel obsessed and do a ritual where you burn and banish them. Don’t ask the spirits, as I think you said it, to help you. Do it yourself.

I have no idea what you have tried or if anything has helped at least a little. I feel like this is magically driven. You can message me if you want…


Hy Uncle-Al . My name is Manisha. I did love spell on my ex. I never wanted to do that but i cannot live without him. He came back to me.But something wrong happened and he left again. He made a girlfriend. So i visited astrologer and he said we need to separate them first. May be he used breakup spell or what but i felt like my ex has no more feeling for me. Its all gone and it backfired trust me. Please I need help😭 what should i do . Iam totally frustrated. Please help me. You were talking about banishing spell. How can i do that?

Please reply me.


Look up on the forum. Candle magick can work well with this as well

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I wonder why you were driven to do a binding spell on her in the first place, and why some of your exes want you dead. You might already be possessed. I would suggest using running water such as a river to cleanse your soul. Get in touch with an underworld goddess like Hel and allow her to possess you instead. I use Saga.

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I just made a post about this hehe. Could you solve your situation?