Information on Vepar?

Well I want to know if anyone has had experiences or knowledge of the duke/duchess Vepar.
He/she is hopefully going to be the very first spirit I evoke because I’ve read that his/her seal is good for increasing occult power. However I have found little to none information on this spirit. If anyone knows anything about the duke/duchess or knows where some possible books that would have more information on him/her, it would really help me out.

Note: I’ve read on some sites and some books that the spirit can appear as a male or female so I just used both pronouns to be safe.


A good thing to do when you’re not finding enough info is to do the evocation with 5 questions prepared before so you can get to know the spirit better.


I’ve read about that but I’m unsure about running into the unknown without any clues as to the spirit I’ll be working with.

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It is one of the rules 'round these parts :slight_smile:


Only what’s in the goetia and the whole killing within 3 days from internals- loves water- reportedly visioned as a mermaid.

yeaaa, that’s all I’ve found. Thanks tho!