Love and healing - could Lucifer or a demon do?

hello, i have found Mr. Koettings homepage and youtube-videos. and he does a really great work. changed my thinking about Lucifer somehow and the left path of magic. i am most interested in spreading love and healing in the world. could Lucifer or a demon do that? is there a special demon or spirit for healing or love? i have found in the internet a link to the arcangel Raphael. but i think, he is connected to the “right hand”-path or the christian way of looking on earth and heaven. can anybody give me advice?

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Sallos, Dantalion and Beleth for love .

Raphael, Buer and Marbas for healing . Also Lucifer .

thank you very much for the reply therookie. may i ask something in addition? i am very new to black magic and grow up in a christian family. does left and right hand-magic go hand in hand or do they fight against? i mean, Lucifer has not the best reputation in christian literatur. Koetting says, if i get him right, that the left hand-path stands for liberation and enpowering humans. what about the christian god? is there a a fight between Lucifer and this christian god. or do they love together about human thinking of good and evil?

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i tipped wrong: i wanted to say: do Lucifer and the christian god laugh over the human way of thinking about good and evil?


Some people on here say that some angels and demons work fine together .

I wish I knew .

i love your answer, therookie, because it sounds so honest about a theme, that is so great and old.

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Lol no problem .

Left and right hand path are simply ideals, is what i’ve learned.

The paths have specific philosophies tied to them somewhat, however there isnt too much of “one side versus the other” in practice.

Angels and demons aren’t necessarily opposing forces. They are all unique and have different energy signatures. As such, there will be differences in which spirits can/are willing to team up together.

Look up more philosophy and study more is my advice. But that being said, do whatever you feel is right. Your instincts on your own situation trump any advice I could give


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Technically speaking, lhp and rhp weren’t terms meant for magick.

Depends on the healing, physical or emotional/spiritual? For love, yeah lucifer can bring people together to be friends, if that’s the kind of love im thinking of.

Lucifer can do anything, however he is most interested in your personal ascent.

Demons for love are Duke Sallos- he’s a gem, very good guy. Beleth, and Prince Sitri.

Healing would be President Marbas. BUT he tends to do healing through teaching. He will teach you how to correct a problem and heal it, it’s not going to magically disappear.


Namaah is my go-to demoness for love. Gotta plug my homegirl here. As for healing, I’ve had great success with Buer, who’s one of the kindest most understanding spirits I’ve ever met and of course the Jack of all trades, Lucifer who is a gentle and understanding spirit as well. As for the Christian god, in my opinion, he’s not fit to lick my boot let alone heal me or bring me love.


Lucifer yes! will have to look into Namaah as well… . Went to Dantalion for a relationship issue a few days ago… see how it pans out. :slight_smile: