Help my ex fiancé and I get engaged again?

First time and first post here so goes.
My ex fiancé and I parted, due to the influence of his mother and friends. I know he loves me but he misguided and not making real or big efforts to get me back and us engaged again promotly. Is there any love spell or ritual or anything I can do to get us back together quick and the love for me from him more intense where as he keeps thinking about me and has to come back into my life, full contact and engaged.

Thank you so much.

Welcome to BALG! Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the forum in our Intro thread. It is a rule here. Just click the link below and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have so we can better answer any questions.


I’d ask Sallos for help if I were you.


Are you currently practicing magick or are you just browsing the forum?


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Browsing currently but looking for help if someone can help me achieve my goal. I’d be willing to pay for their help of course in appreciation.

Can you please pm me, is that possible on this forum?

As far as I’m aware, you can’t pay for services here but I could be wrong. Also you should be willing to put in the work for someone you care about.

I’m willing to put in work. Jsut very new to this. Can you please pm me? Or is pm a feature on this site? Thank you

Just an FYI about PMs, as a new member you will not be able to send them until you have been active on the forum for a while. It is system specific, and will kick in once you reach the required level of activity.

However, if someone PMs you, then you will be able to reply to them :slight_smile:

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