Prayer to Lucifer

Try melchash … Enki album is great

Yes, my father is indeed generous, however one must be careful for what they ask for and how much they might ask for.

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Hello there! I am a complete beginner when it comes to this. And though I am not ready to shed my Catholic faith I am extremely curious. Could I tweak this prayer to fit my faith? Would that be offensive to Lucifer?

This is a questions I’ve asked him lately because I work with Michael and Lucifer and I use psalms to invoke Samael (mask of Lucifer i.m.o.).
He isn’t offended.

I’m a former Catholic too.

Another thing. Please forget the Hollywood movies and the dogmatic thinking. I have Pagan and Christian symbols here in my house. And that won’t offend Lucifer either.


You ever think of how Jesus sits at the right hand of the father well maybe Lucifer sits at the left hand of the father?

Lucifer has a role and yes they disagree about things. But he is still very powerful. And I personal believe Lucifer and Christ are more a like then we think. Lucifer is light and dark. He has got the same Golden light as Christ.


There are some people who think Jesus is Lucifer while others that they are brothers. Personally, I think the latter makes more sense. What do you think?

Well I think In certain roles. There been quite a few readings that say he took that role. I did a reading like that. He gives an answer but in this case he is honest, the answer could be true and could be false. It is to complex for people to understand as this time. But as he says himself. ‘I was, am now and shall have no end’.

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I am Justin I want to became a rich boy but I don’t know how to become an a member of Illuminati I am from India can you plzzzz me to a became rich boy and get fame in it in the name of Lucifer

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Plz help me how to become a rich boy and get fame in modeling in the name of Lucifer

Make your next post an intro please @Justin_Tarun as requested above. :+1:

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Welcome Justin to our community, I am glad to see that you are interested in these things and it is true that Lucifer is very generous and would be more than happy to help you. Just ask him.

I apologize before hand for my ignorance but it is proper to say amen, and putting our hands together as we are praying to him?

LOL. The Illuminati has no idea who Lucifer is or any of the demons. They think they do but they really don’t.

Yeah that’s pretty cool man

They most probably do

You could do a “so mote it be”

I read Enoch Petrucelly’s book and he mentioned a ritual invoking Belial where he was told by Belial that the Illuminati thinks they know him but they don’t.

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Interesting :slight_smile: