Protection from Vodoun based attacks

Ah. Has none of you heeded our warnings on the LWA. Take it from those in the path. Like myself and others.

Hope it helps

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It doesn’t work…

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I used a few times and it worked. Make sure that the soil (has to be soil, not dust from concrete floor) goes up and falls on your head.

The best protection against curses is to walk strong with your Lwa and ancestors. They are on your team and exist to protect you against such things. Often you won’t even feel the magical attack because they’ll stop it before it reaches you. Occasionally they’ll let things through either because they want you to learn how to undo it yourself, or because you were arrogant and deserved the spanking. This is true in 99% of cases.*

*I say 99% because there is always that person out there with great cursing power who may divine your spirits and attempt to bribe or work a few of them to remove protection from you. This is very rare, but in that case I’d find a good priest to help negotiate because things can get complicated and messy. In my years of working I’ve only seen this once or twice though.



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Not sure if it will help but i just removed a voodoo curse that was effecting somebody heavy bu consumeing it then transforming and digesting the spirit. Then haveing my servitors take guard around him and anything else that might try to come at him. With the help of papa legba. And asking the spirit that did it if i could


You are not being attacked by initiates of Vodou. That’s funny.

I suggest that you find a way to know the spirit/s involved in this attack… then use the same spirits to protect yourself against all spiritual attacks. Now it’s their job to protect you and they can’t attack themselves !

Alternatively, contact a spirit to find the spell work itself, and destroy it. That would break the spell or at least make it extremely less effective.

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I never said I was. I said someone I knew was. And I did not say the attackers were vodoun initiates.I said they were using attacks based on vodoun practices.

Most folks I have spoken with that actually practice vodoun as a spiritual discipline are not the sorts to be running around attacking people and their kids.

Hi there OP!

What makes you think it’s voodoo your friend is getting hit with?

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Well let me clear something up here, the malevolent workings in Vodou are not taught to the uninitiated because they require access to certain things that only the initiated are able to receive. So there’s no such thing as someone just “using Vodou tactics to curse someone”, and in that world the only time they actually curse someone is if they break certain laws within the Haitian community or directly threaten or act in aggression toward an initiated GodSister or brother .

But anyway I did a reading on this with my Exu, and this is not the case. In fact He said that no one is doing work on the suspected “victim”

  1. Don’t piss off voodoo practitioners.

All kidding aside.

  1. Salt and sage your entire house and being.

  2. Once you are certain you are cleansed, check your aura for any glyphs or sigils, if you find any, destroy them and repair that area.

  3. Establish a “mirror” type of wall around you to reflect any attacks back to the source.

  4. Talk to any spirit that has an attachment to you and put your foot down.

  5. Leave an offering of high quality rum and a letter of intent.

  6. Do a binding ritual on “any who seek my destruction or ruin.”

  7. Get drunk.


This was a while ago, mind you. It is done and over now. Both parties involved did poorly, both attacker and target.

The reason I suspected a vodoun attack is because of background info and description of activities on the attacker(s). Two sisters, both islanders from the Caribbean region. These were former room mates of the victim. Victim had personal effects stolen from her bedroom (driver’s license, brush), so it suggested a sympathetic link. Victim also gave a description of an altar set up that she got a brief glance at. Sounds like she saw veves on some things, based on that description. Also, rum offerings, because she said there were empties.

So I’m guessing based on set up, offerings and background, vodoun or some kind of practice from that region. Opinion?


Okay, let’s clarify a few things. I did not say they were or were not initiates. I said the methodology was seemingly vodoun. For all I know, they could be.

Regarding initiation as being an essential factor for any discipline, not just vodoun, that is an illogical fallacy. If initiation was a requisite factor, then the knowledge would never have been accessed in the first place, because someone had to be the first, and would not have had anyone to initiate them. Think about it. How did the first come into the knowledge in the first place? Presumably with contact with the Lwa. This could not occur with anyone else? I do not buy that for a second.

This holds true with anything else; there had to be a first, with nobody to initiate them beyond the spirits of a given current.

That may be true. I only acted in an advisory capacity, and having little genuine knowledge of vodoun beyond what is academically available, I cast a line out here to the group that had the best chance of giving me an answer, that I associate with. But…attacked or not, the result was the same; homelessness. Hell, for all I know the person could have cursed their self just by obsessing over an attack that did not happen. Or it could be contrived. I did not lift a finger, magickally or otherwise, to address the situation, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Care to elaborate? For my own benefit?

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I love it!

While I seriously doubt the person did a single thing I passed on from all of you guys, I sure am racking up some good info for my own possible future use, lol.

Yes actually in real Haitian Vodou initiation is necessary to access certain things. People get upset for some reason when they hear that-I usually because they don’t like the idea of a club out there that has things not just anyone can access. I promise you, none of these magicians claiming to know Vodou secrets can do the things or even know the names of the entities worked with in Vodou s central secret society. And who initiated the first ones? The spirits when they possessed other people. That’s how they taught them to do it.

As for what my Exu told me, apparently initiation and union with ones Exu is pointless so you can just summon him and get those details.


Oh fuck me, another fucking know it all. Fucking awesome.

Exactly what I am saying. It could not happen again to someone outside this special kid’s club? Utter horse shit.

I think you just like the idea of being in an exclusive club, or have some kind of veiled or unrealized bigotry hiding in you. Or even that someone is holding info over your head as a control mechanism, and you sadly bought the hook, line and sinker. If Lwa possessed someone to teach someone else the first time, it could be done again. There is nothing you could possibly tell me otherwise without at the same time defining the limits of gods. It is an illogical fallacy.

I call bullshit. Why would you do a divination just for little old me, who you never interacted with before, just to clam up the second your opinion is challenged?


Call it whatever you want, doesn’t bother me one bit.

And referring to Vodou’s sacred inner court of the left hand as a special kids club doesn’t really speak very well of any magician. Nobody’s flaunting it in your face. I simply illuminated facts because you made a statement about initiation being superficial that was incorrect. That’s just the way they do things. But anyway I’m not goung to argue with someone who is not a part of that world anyway.

The Lwa taught the priesthood how to do the initiations and they still do require possession in the rites. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen again, I’m just saying I have yet to see it. I have friends in those societies in Haiti and I’ve seen some unbeleivable shit at those ceremonies I was taken to. But the people Claiming they bypassed initiations can’t even come close to those things so what am I supposed to beleive? I mean in all intelligence really?

And what’s genuinely amusing to me is that for all these statements on ATRs shouldnt you know how a readung on something like that with an exu works and how simple it is? I think you just got mad cuz I didnt tell you. Why would I honestly comment that in the firstplace- I mean to sit and lie on an occult forum of predominantly beginners? I’m sure in the fuck not that low. Think what you want, but reality is not the same as what’s in your head. I’m sure glad I have my Exu and these spirits to guide me on sich things.


Identify the energy and make a counter balance