Clauneck starts ROCKIN FAST!

I’ve used 4 love demons to date I’ve had mixed results. There was always movement after invoking the 4. If I was more advanced in the craft, I’m sure it would have worked. Now, I finally get around to finances. I’ve been researching Clauneck. I decide to go with him. I like to approach the spirits with respect from the get go. I offer him fresh basil, jack Daniel cinnamon, honey on bread( I hear all the spirits like honey on bread) and dragons blood incense with his candle. This time I speak out loud to Lucifer himself to bring Clauneck to me for introducion.The session seemed a little deeper this time. I explained to Clauneck it’s time to gets finances fired up. The next day!!! A few of my side hustles blew up!!! They had been dormant for a while. By the end of this week, sales came in online for the 1st time. They had been posted over 3 months. CLAUNECK ROCKS !!! I told him I would build him a permanent alter with apples and other things I learn he likes. Plus I’m giving him praise here now. And will keep praising him. He is tight with LUCIFER. Sorry about the length of this post, but Clauneck is Outstanding.


Thanks for this info. Did you use Clauneck’s sigil as well as asking Lucifer to introduce you?




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Clauneck came through for me. It was my first time calling upon him. I used his sigil and although I couldn’t see him l, he came through for me!!! Praise Lord Clauneck!!


Thanks for sharing…

Hail Lord Clauneck


I love hearing people being about their business and business magic!

Clauneck is super amazing and so kind and patient.
I love him, and I can attest to the fact that he does work fast!
A friend of mine called him to help someone because there boyfriend needed a large sum of money for some college stuff and…the next day she got a call and the whole situation was sorted out and he got exactly what he needed to cover it.
I considered offering readings and the like for a while, and he sat with me and gave me all kinds of ideas on how to market if I decided to pursue it
10/10, Clauneck rocks