An interaction with King Paimon, part funny, part good advice

I understood that taste just like our other sense are just a part of physical dimension. Whenever we try to contact any spirit we meditate and get into trance just to get into the other dimension which is not physical. Our answer helps me little bit but why don’t you ask this question to King Paimon himself if possible so that we can have more clarity about this topic :slight_smile:

Because, at the end of my original post, I wrote that I’m utterly exhausted.

I’m honestly laying in bed right now, and I’m going to try and get a few hours of sleep before I have to get up and do things.

You should call upon the king yourself, he is very forgiving, and very patient with new boots like yourself, don’t be afraid, let things come through, and don’t question any strange thoughts you have.

If you are truly interested in the occult, don’t be frightened Away by the idea of calling upon King Paimon, who knows, he may give you a nice kick in the ass to begin your work in the occult.

However, this sorcerer is going to sleep.


Thanks haha. Hope you rest easy. @anon72564005

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Sure, I will slowly get to the point of evoking spirits myself :smiley:

There was a thread a while ago discussing offerings and how they worked. One of our glorious leader @Lady_Eva’s threads I believe.

When offering something, you offer the potential that the object had. For example, you have a big ass cake. A lot of people, can have a lot of slices, and convert those slices to energy for life shenanigans.

So when offering or sacrificing something, you sever the ties between the thing and it’s various potential energy transitions. Severing that tie leaves the energy and object itself up for grabs, because it went from a state of ‘could be’ to the new state of ‘is an offering’. You changed the fate of that energy to suit yours :wink: this is why you would pour a drink out, break your favorite smoking pipe, leave food outside. To literally sever it’s tie and change it’s state

This is what the entity then consumes. Even the act of offering is godlike when explored further


But does your astral senses develop each time you summon spirits,or have you constantly have to practice daily

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Welcome to the forum, @Clovd. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


Many times the deities will want the person evoking to taste the food or drink the wine so they can enjoy it through you. I’m used to giving food adimus (offerings) to Orisha that live with me, but at bembes and tambors there will be lots of fruits, sweets, and a big cake at the Orisha’s throne and everyone will have a piece of the cake and take fruit home with them. Whatever food is left over, it’s divined where the Orisha wants it to go–to the trash, the woods, etc.
In my opinion, unless one is doing a cleansing, the offering is meant to be shared.
When people get possessed by a spirit or an Orisha the first thing they usually ask for is some kind of drink–booze or water…some want honey.


Try not to rush yourself Clovd, but devote yourself to study through reading, doing meditations each day, but not to the point of burn out. The study and practice of divination is great for spiritual development too. If possible if you find the right people, get involved in seances or my folks call them misas. That’s where a group of spirit workers sit in a circle and everyone has a chance to talk to say what they see spiritually in the room, about other people. It’s fundamental in how those in the tradition of Kardecian spiritism develop. Alec Kardec was a famous spiritist who wrote many books on the subject and in Brazil, those involved in Candomble and Umbanda had the ‘white table’ which came from Alec Kardec and from there it went to being practiced in Cuba, other latin countries and right here in the USA.
You can find a misa to attend in any large metro area in the U.S. if you know the right people. Once you are experienced as a spiritist, you can do a misas all by yourself.
Start out gradually, Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is a life-long study and even the most seasoned spiritist is never finished learning.


I understand his meaning.

does anyone have any advice on how to contact him because i am having a difficult time with that

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Look through this forum. There is a ton of information on King Paimon. You can contact him in the same way you can contact any spirit.

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well i contacted sabnock in the same way maybe he was there i just didn’t feel his presence.

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Yes, he was. Always assume the spirit is there, even if you can’t see or hear them. They will always come when you call.


good to know i just like to have some sort of communication so im not just talking to

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They are indeed Jinn. A Jinn unfortunately co-opted into the Lesser Key as a Demon. Their name in the Lesser Key is a transliteration of Pym◆Un (pronounced Peem◆On) or “Little Coin”. A Pym is 2/3 of Shekel and has been found in Palestine archaeological digs. But Pym has no correlate in Hebrew. It’s origin lies further east.

I believe the sound of tinkling associated with them is a metaphor for pyms falling into jar.

Just remember, address him as king, that’s very important with him, don’t offer him Mountain Dew, he’s sick of it, and always be willing to do your part. If you do those three things, you will have an awesome experience with him.


It’s true that giving him mountain dew isn’t ideal. But if you do so, he will accept it. He isn’t the type who would rudely reject an offering.


No Mountain Dew lol

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Maybe he is just sick of the sme old mountain dew energy but best idea u can mix it any other juice I think king paimon would find it interesting,u might never know