The Devil Gene [Next Level Black Alchemy]

And we are solving it one by one :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

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I’d like to expand on my answer i wrote up there,
regarding “if i used that teachings i had given in video format”,
with another video! :smiling_imp:

Enjoy!!! :metal:t2:




@Yberion Thank you for answering the question and the lesson. I Appreciate the time and effort you put into your answer.

Got a bit of reading to do, looking forward to it.


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I just did it and im feeling kinda odd but not in a bad way, my head does hurt some, overall not a bad experience. Hip hip hooray for overkill! Thank you everyone who worked on this! Its pretty cool.

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After the rite, I meditated as visualized it spreading through my whole body, the meditation was effortless, I was hearing faint voices, and seeing red with my eyes closed, I felt as if I was about to astral project, for a time I felt more then just me if that makes sense. It was intense. Im going to repeat it later tonight.

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Hey, I’m a little confused.

You say you weave these demonic and celestial elements into your DNA.

But you never mentioned RNA

When you mentioned the Dark and Light Strands of DNA

Was the Dark one DNA, and the Light one RNA?

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Male and female, x Chromosom, y Chromosom or second x, if female, generates the rna which is halves of the DNA. The DNA is composed of proteins, but it gets complicated after that.

Yin and yang, are the light and dark aspects. In the sigil there is those along with the Chinese 5 elements.

Tragant root helps the gene to do its job better but I still test on that.

Yes I hear you on the science stuff, and I know DNA is composed of proteins, but that doesn’t answer my question for the visualization or help as we aren’t editing ourselves with a scientific machine or the scientific method.

Which I was asking about, what the OP posted.

How do I visualize the RNA as he never mentioned it in the visualization, just the dark and light DNA

and applying the 4 elements of dark and light variety to them.

But he says apply the celestial elements to the RNA, which he doesn’t previously mention.

So is it the light DNA he mentions? Visualization wise.

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Do you think this could be used by two mages before having sex to create the child with these energies already present in them? I’m rather interested that maybe it can be used much more thoroughly for molding our world.

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I actually wanted to research that but there was no capable couple so far…

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Oh what you mean is the merge of light and dark energy. :zap:

From above, draw celestial into your head and spine. From below, draw kunda, infernal force into your belly and spine.

Merge them in your sacral Chakra or center of your body.

That, is what you use for the visualization.

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That’s a very creative and interesting post. Keep up the good work!

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