Working with Vapula

My working with the daemon Vapula actually started out kinda out of necessity, when I needed assistance with a test that was coming up. I basically hand-drew her sigil and evoked her without much ceremony and carried her sigil with me throughout the test period. Normally in such a time I would be nervous and rarely ever truly confident due to a weird belief of mine. Anyway, during that time I was surprisingly not nervous, just calm within, having a strange sense of peace. Unsurprisingly I did not fail, but surprisingly, I did much better than anticipated.

She has not failed me thus far and I know she won’t from what I have experienced so far. From what I got, she is not sociable per-say but loves knowledge and sharing it. But that is just my limited experience talking. Anyone worked with her/him?


Okay, to update, I did a pact with Vapula, on the acquisition of knowledge and surprise, surprise, she did not fail me and actually was really helpful in her assistance. In this I want to acknowlege her and let every one know that when it comes to guidance in the sciences and passing test, Vapula has proven to be one of the best, at least to my limited experience. Thank you.


EDIT: Sounded too promotey.


Sounds interesting, particularly if one is starting some new job.

Could some 1 guide through a step by step guide on how to evoke the demon Vapula

I think you should first do your presentation in the approriate thread :slight_smile:
After that, to evoke Vapula simply use her sigil and her enn.


Hey Freaya,

I’m so sorry, I’m new to this.

No problem, if you’ve never did an evokation I propose to first work on developing your abilities because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear or see them.

Hey Freaya, thank you, Is there a reference you know about that will help me

Also, by developing abilities what do you mean is it something to do with power meditation

Yes! You can start with the void meditation just search here on the search bar and you will find the post by @AdamThoth another thing is here you will find all the basic informations you need :


Thank you so much Freaya

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You’re welcome! Now your first task is this :

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Where do I post all this information

Click on the link I’ve sent you and then reply to the message by writing your presentation


i need to pass a highly competitive scholarship exams…please could you advice me on how to go about it?

Dude, stop asking this question. You have already made a thread about this topic and been given all you need to know in it. Start following that advice.