Does anyone have any experience with the Black Pullet?

More specifically, the 5th or 2nd seal which you can view here. The second seal is of particular interest to me because based on its description, it makes all the other seals in the grimoire obsolete:

" You can allegedly gain all your desires by wearing this seal on your person and to achieve your desires say, “Saram”. "

I really want to know how these entities operate and how quickly they perform their tasks. From what ive read, these seals act as sigils which can summon forth multiple entities at once. I have a big money goal id like to accomplish, and im looking over multiple options, including using the forbidden enochian square outlined by EA in evoking eternity. Also, if you have any knowledge of any seals/sigils that summon legions to accomplish monetary objectives or any objective the caster wishes, feel free to post them too. (im already aware of the abremelin square for money)


I’ve only worked with no. 5

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Oh damn, I recognize some of these. Did not expect that.

They should work.


@Eye_of_Ra @anon20147451 What experience did you guys have with them, if you dont mind sharing…in terms of how successful they were

Well I was honestly trying to discover the golden egg …which I did haha…but it wasn’t what I expected it to be.
I think you might want to be specific about what your wanting.

Don’t get me wrong it was a very profound experience and changed my way of viewing things.

It happened at a time where everything i had been working on was all coming through a million miles an hour and I couldnt keep up.

Charles9 has had some success with the book as well I do believe.

I did find the golden egg and who lays them…but I believe I posted about it on my thread the black pullet.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


My apologies for butting in but how did it go? If you don’t mind sharing?

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didn’t really see much results tbh @Rogue

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ok, thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

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Just remember that if your going to work with the black pullet you always have to start with the first one because is the one that more or less have power over the others…

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