Call of the morrigan

So I’m fairly new here I’ve had an account here for a little bit but for the most part I’m new. Now the circles I travel in are more connected than I. I was told by friend that I know somebody that needs to be in contact with the Morrigan. Now as soon as i heard this I know exactly who he was talking about. I let this other friend know " hey you should read up on the Morrigan". it turns out my friend being an idiot I had no idea how or what to look or how to find info. So I did some digging online, while in his company. And I found that he already had the Morrigan symbol tattooed on his chest. The Morrigan is the goddess of birth and death this particular friend happens to have a pregnant wife and works as a butcher literally killing for a living.

The synchronicity is too much to ignore, now my question for you is can you give any meaning to this can you tell me what he should be looking for or how it can help my friend.