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Good news my fellow mages yesterday night i gave my servitor my personal form, drew out his sigil, gave him some initial energy and a blood offering to celebrate his arrival to my house. I also told him what his main objectives would be and sent him out to the external world to perform the tasks given to him. I know he isnt too strong yet so im planning to give hime energy on a daily basis for a week.Lastly ill be giving him sort of a department in my astral temple i have where hell be able to rest and chill out after going about the tasks given to him. Hopefully ill be writing here how effective he is with his tasks.

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how are these going ? Are you almost finished or do you still have quite a few to do ?

Hey I know this thread is dead but I got a question how do you go about making servitors? My buddy tried to teach me but he says a good servitor can take up to two weeks? Is it just a different technique?


Well, you can CREATE them quickly, but it can take a long time to ramp up their power. Depends on things like how much energy you can channel through you or direct to the servitor, how strong your Will is, how strong your Intention is … lots of variables.

I actually used some invisible astral mastiffs as a defense mechanism for a long time and they worked great. I just kept pumping more and more power into them over about 6 months. They were strong enough that someone who can feel energy could touch them and feel them.

Here’s a good guide to get you started from S. Ben Qayin:
How to Give Birth to Astral Creatures

The book “Hands on Chaos Magic” by Andrieh Vitimus also contains some great info on creating servitors, including some ways I’d never heard before.


Alright cool thanks


i am interested but what must be done to maintain one. the first concept i had was an amplifier to make my higher self more accessible in times of need. this would help in shielding from stronger negative energies. come to think of it, the design was more like the that of an air golem easily recharged by calling it forth on windy days or during storms. but hey, im still new at this.

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thread is dead friend

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thanks what i get for taking a break

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Are you still doing offers? I’m very interested!

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OP hasn’t been on since March 11th 2017, so possibly not. :thinking:

You can check if someone’s still active, just click on their profile. :+1:


That’s very helpful! I didn’t know that, thank you


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Hey can u teach me how to make one

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down for it.

Always recruiting towards my Legions.

Yes, i think a Phoenix might be apropriate for me.

fascinatingly enough, i haven’t met another Tc’urai speaker so far. xD

Seydir, Ral Syr, Thy dir, Saidyier.




Is this still open?

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He has not logged in in over 2 years.


Hello @DragonCrow is it possible to have a free servitor I don’t think I can be able to send pm yet since I’m new to this website do you want me to send details here?

Please refer to the post directly above yours

Oh hey boom boom, didn’t think I’d find you on here. Small world.