Kof evocation (kingdom of flames)

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This is wrong. You can evoke a spirit from Kingdoms of Flame just the same as any other spirit. No one here follows the traditional method of evoking the demons of the Goetia, and yet are successful, so you do not need to follow the method set forth in the grimoire of KoF in order to evoke them.


Oh damn thanks for that!

EA wrote the grimoire of Kingdoms of Flame, and yet included a pathworking in Works of Darkness that included Martal and Kaltemtal from KoF without all the particulars of that system. He also included some of the angels from KoF in the angelic pathworking in Evoking Eternity.

Just like the demons of the Goetia, the system used for the beings of Kingdoms of Flame can be any system that abides by the principles of evocation.

I work with the entities of KoF a lot, but I rarely use the exact system from the grimoire. I don’t use the triangle or the Seal of the Sorcerer, and I have only opened the square before the sigil a couple of times but it still works.


Is it required to open the square? Or could you just open the sigil and go from there?

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The primary purpose of the squares as I understand it, is to enter the kingdoms where these spirits reside. When you are calling the spirits to you they are not really needed.

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Opening the square first can be helpful for calling the spirit but is not absolutely necessary. What the grimoire says to do is to open the square so that the energies of the kingdom flow forth into the Temple, and then place the sigil of the spirit upon the square and open it. The energies of the square help to connect to the spirit and, in my experience, the sigil opens quicker and the spirit responds faster.

However, you can open the sigil of the spirit by itself and call the spirit without the square and it works just fine.


Thank you I will keep trying haha

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If you continue to have trouble opening the sigil of the spirit, then maybe try to open the square of the kingdom first because, as I noted above, it does help to establish a connection to the spirit and the energy of the square can make the spirit sigil easier to open.

Also, slipping into the TGS takes practice so don’t be afraid to practice opening the sigil again and again.


@DarkestKnight Just found your post as was reading KOF and wanted to see what experiences others had with it. Thanks very helpful. Could you share a little more of your experiences working with the entities in KOF? Were some easier/more difficult to work with in your experience? Also, I’m a bit confused - is the book completely made up and the entities created as type of egregore spirits? As in the 40 Servants system? Or are they ‘real’ demons. I’ve not heard of them anywhere else. Thanks!

Some people seem to think that is the case, but I find it extremely doubtful. Just because someone hasn’t heard about a particular spirit before doesn’t mean it has to be an egregore. The number of spirits in the universe is practically infinite. The 72 spirits in the Goetia alone have hundreds of thousands of other spirits working under them that no one has ever documented, so Is it really so hard to grasp that EA could have found some spirits that haven’t been encountered before in an unexplored corner of the astral?

As Azazel said in the Book of Azazel, " if we all stood upon the earth, our numbers would block out the sun," and he was only talking about the spirits in the Infernal Empire, which doesn’t even include angels, elementals, the Fae, godforms, and the rest.


That was very well said.

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I see. Yes, I dont disagree with you, I just wasnt sure if they were invented or not. Maybe EA channelled them
And egregore spirits can work just as well anyway, imo. I want to experiment with calling some of the spirits, once I’ve finished reading the whole book.

They work fast, and are easy to get along with.

I’ve worked with Acheron, the Angel of Influence (who is quite friendly) Lukorst, the Angel of Wealth,(who is a bit stuck up) Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance (who is very good at what he does and great if you think you’ve been cursed), Deggal, the Angel of Light, the Demon Martal, Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship, Pendralion, the Grand Spirit of Wealth, and Iadon, the Demon of Wealth.


How do u open the square

The same way you open the seal of a spirit.

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How do u open the sigil of spirit

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