Out of my house

Can someone please help me to get rid of someone who lives in my house that I want to get rid of? Any spells, etc.

Try Force Exile from Angels of Wrath


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ARe you talking about the rat that runs around? lol. just kidding. are they family member? roomate? room mate’s bf/gf? If someone live in your house there has to be some kind of situation. If u own the house you can just boot them out.

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My husband’s daughter. She 27 and it’s time for her to go.

Are you the guest in the house? Do you own it or your husband?

I’ve been living here for years. She moved and came back. It’s been hell on wheels with her here. He actually put her out a few months ago, but I’m not sure what happened that she got to stay

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Understood, well you could do some manipulation spells if that’s your posion.

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it’s called communication. IF she’s to stay , she need to follow house rules and also contribute to the rent/food. Talk it out with your husband and decide together. You are family. You don’t curse family.

I guess your not like the asian culture. They live with their family to save money and help each other out as times are tough. Dont’ matter the age.


A member put the pea and princess spell were he draw a pea under bed if I remember and u should frame to make sure the person see it and has a urge to leave chk tat post

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This has nothing to do with magic just ask them to leave or if it’s a spouse, file for divorce or get a restraining order.

Maybe you should seek psychotherapy or go to another site, that deals with your problems. This site deals with magic and the occult, nothing your saying has anything to do with magic!!!

If your trying to be confusing hoping someone will do a casting or hex, you need to contact EA and do a consult or perhaps Conner Kendall.

E.A. Koetting, the co-founder of this website could help solve your problems through his experience and knowledge. He offers consultations and rituals for a fee. He’s a very skilled sorcerer and I think he could help guide you through this.

Here’s a link:

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He wont make her pay nothing. She lives for free. She leaves the front door unlock. She doesnt contribute to nothing.

How do u do manipulation spell?

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No, I’m here to get a spell, etc. To get her to move. I tried hotfoot spell didn’t work. It worked before. Just need her and her baby to move. Our house was so peaceful before she came back. Therapy is definitely in my thoughts.

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Here’s a spell by Koetting.

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