Are the demons aspects of the human mind?

Was just reading back over the convo and this brought something up. I think the esoteric can be explained through science. Quantum physics, dark matter…its there. The problem is the scientific community is so materialistic they wont bother looking into this side of things. The research and work to figure it out just isnt there yet. Spirituality is not just an abstraction…its about energy. Even science acknowledges that everything in existence is a form of energy. Thing is nobody will branch the gap between science and the esoteric, which is what the community and path I am dedicated to are all about.

Just thought it was worth saying.


Thats sort of the basis of my working paradigm, to kinda bridge technology, science and the immaterial occult sciences…Fringe magickal paradigm more or less. It was definitely worth saying…

As for why it was hard to beleive certain things, I won’t acknowledge it as knowledge unless I experience it. I have my reasons for being skeptical until i experience, rather i see it as a healthy approach. If something can pull wool over an operator’s eyes, why shouldn’t it? All is fair in entertainment…

Oddly, the idea of the entities being more human than we think, is extremely unnerving…the human species is a very difficult construct to deal with, and something I am discarding to become other…in a manner of speaking (still will have a human body…which i do wish to keep) It’s a very very hard sell…


This reminds me of how demons are portrayed in anime/manga and in Shintoism (Japanese mythology). They are entities that can be good, evil, or indifferent. I really think it all depends on the entity.

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It does, but the “Demons” are not the same as the parasitic entities they are compared to. They can be fickle beings though.

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Demons as I see it, is a being, flesh or ethereal, that has been distracted from their true calling in “life” by God because God has commanded them to carry out His Will. And carrying out such typically cannot be avoided by that being. That is probably why they often seem frustrated or malevolent; because God’s command often entails them getting wrapped up in the karma of other beings (including people), as well as both supernatural and natural forces. (The sum of all this in the occult is known as the Abyss.)
I’ve had it happen to me, where my true calling in life was put on standby because of a traumatic incident 15 years ago. I had to stop everything, including my spiritual practices to deal with some real bad things going on in my life that demanded my constant attention daily for almost 7 years! I’ve never been that spiritually pissed off before. Every day I felt like a superheated tornado, almost literally. And during that time I experienced paranormal and psychic occurrences; some of which were very mysterious and even beautiful and they I didnt feel awkward at all in [their] presence.

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Oh good because that’s what I want to be true so you are playing into my confirmation bias


Marvelous, love this.

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Your contributions to this thread are absolutely fascinating, thank you for sharing such detailed POV. Much of what you write has a certain deep face validity for me as it harmonizes with some very bizarre experiences I had surrounding a near death experience.

A thought I’d been grappling with that I would pose to you (and the other thinkers and magicians on the thread as well) - to speak plainly, I do not want the demons to be an aspect of my own mind, in fact for some reason that very notion makes me feel rather panicked and I don’t know why. But I suspect that I want the demons to be bigger than me and my limited human perspective because I feel so overwhelmed and tired of being subject to the horrid whims and changes of fate that come with a life in corporate America that I am simply looking for a way to merge with a more powerful, external force. But, I worry that this in itself is a sort of abdication of personal responsibility, and as I pathwork (this is all super new to me but I’m trying) I am trying to remain conscious that I don’t just want the solution, I want the lesson as well. I must say these past three weeks getting into this stuff has brought up a tremendous amount of questioning my own beliefs and how real I am (or am not) about taking true responsibility for my life. It’s fascinating stuff. And here I thought you guys were going around killing cats and shopping at Hot Topic. I wish I’d known sooner what it was really all about.


They are much bigger than us. We seem to project unto them wars and conflicts that seem humanlike, when in fact there is no disharmony accross the classes of entities. Their stakes in our existence if i may so blunt is to see if there are any worth giving a physical body to in their realm…I use science here to support my argument of this reality being a virtual construct.

Inasmuch, we are virtual, and unlike the matrix we dont have a body in the other reality that will wake up with the right triggers…like think about us being in a videogame of theirs…Our responsibility is actually heavier because it’s passing the trials they may put before us after stripping and reconstucting the fields of information about our bodies that make us us, and prevent us from just being scattered atoms…spiritual folk call it the soul.

We have to see through the riddles, and spiritual zietgiest of the times to open a portal into their realm somehow…Not many will do that and pass through…if i had the combination to that riddle,it’d be interesting to say the least. We in this realm inhabit a simulation where 2 dimensional particles are arranged in such a way as to appear 3d…

There are implications behind the science. I drew a lot of conclusions on my own as a fringe magickian, because without what we are learning in math and science, I’d have though magick was all bs, but I’m starting to think its a technology the demons, angels, djinn, gods, goddesses, mythological spirits, loa, elementals and whatever i havent named (although i argue ancestral spirits are stored data in dna, and part of, the simulation , and also there are some legions, spirits who are a part of two because they are like software and algorithms to ensure order is maintained, and that reality follows the laws it does…which all seem virtual) maintain, explore, oversee.

The responsibility , thus is to see what is going on behind the stage, rather than getting lost because of the actors on it…My take one it has it’s own biases. I prolly have Aspergers, just functonal, and so the more human like and personality oriented take is alien to me. To make up for it i kinda require something that enhances a sort of focus to technical detail…So my take is subjective and has biases of its own. However, I don’t think u will encounter many who disagree we’ve to see behind the bullshit to kind of uncover something, and strip the layers off of the onion…If we aren’t real, our challenge is to become real, in their world, their reality…by proving ourselves worthy i think.

One can live purely off of materialistic sorcery, just for physical gain , and one will still start to see things other people don’t…and start to see the layers and behind them…There are subtleties in books that one can take as literal, but at some point, hidden in plain text is something else implied indirectly…my only interests in this was sorcery to manipulate events…so even that can take one deep places…

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So you’re one of those people that believe war was created by humans and that these beings are bigger than yourself cannot war? Love, hate, etc?

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You drop ALOT OF ASSUMPTIONS here. I need to point that out to u. I’m one of those people who DOES not know and doesn’t beleive humans are operating entirely on accurate data…I don’t know if they war, etc…i don’t even know if their dimension is even perceptible to my senses.

What i beleive is that we lack the capacity to know unless we find a means through which to see things as they are…The brain physically can not perceive of things directly. We experience not only with a delay, but in context of our mental structure which follows the laws of physics. There’s a groovy quote from Schopenhauer that applies here. " Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world" . Do u not see how by assuming demons are like us, how we are taking the limitations of our vision to be those of the entities of the other realm?

You may experience them as flesh and blood. They cater to your beleif because that is your tool to evolve. I experience them like someone who smoked dmt, morphing fractals, and moving in multiple directions at once, as though im in a dimension alien to my own…This is my tool to evolve. As such they may have attributes we cant even percieve of , or in the very least that I can not, that maybe so beyond love, war, hate, that my brain can not generate the symbolic interpretation by which frame what they do or are.

Without your physical brain, u will not interpret your spiritual experiences. OUR BRAINS ARE LIMITED…For example, we can not visualize ultraviolet, we can’t see x-rays, and thats just an example of the physical limits…so imagine what we may not be able to grasp on another dimensions, or dimensions that operate in such a manner as to be alien to our own…You think they are just like u, that’s fine.

Im convinced they aren’t and are accomadating us because the riddles, human-ness to some individuals serves a purpose in that human transforming…I perhaps can not see them from a anthropomorphic perspective, so they indulge me by how my brain is wired, dimensions, technological motiffs, and this too is the field of my limitations…

So I leave you with a riddle. What truth is true when the brain is no longer used to interpret data???Without your physical brain, how will u integrate these experiences of the other’s realm ? Note the brain’s limits and constraints.

It was a question. Did the meaning of a question mark change all of a sudden? Is it not used where you’re from?

It’s how you framed the question, and what you ask that implies to some degree an assumption. Even with a question mark. “So you’re one of those people that believe war was created by humans and that these beings are bigger than yourself cannot war? Love, hate, etc”

1- So you’re one of those people - an assumption even if u ask

This could have been framed better by asking "do you believe that war was …etc, because then u are asking a question on my perspective.

The “so ur one of those ppl” line already illustrates an us vs them mentality…

Not a reflection of you , but ur words…And so without making any assumptions I will ask if your words are a reflection of you (not that i particularly care, data assumes importance over personalities for me personally)

Maybe u see nothing wrong with your presentation…I just had to point out what strike me as an odd choice of words…these things stand out.

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It’s not an assumption unless stated as fact, but anyway I don’t have the drive to blow your reaction out of proportion or read everything besides what I wanted to know. you answered my question and I’ll leave it at that.

Google Assumption Question…

Some parasites are figments of our own brain and for me represent the doubts still hidden in our subconscious mind. But in no means are all demons aspects of one’s mind.

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Anyway moving on from that :man_facepalming:t4:

I agree 100, when I use to do mental dives on people I’d see a few in different forms within the mind.

Seriously I’ve seen that lately you’re being misinterpreted quiet often :woman_shrugging:t2:

Cool ! How’d you do that?

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Also I am not sure if this is just a shamanic thing, but I have realized the more I invoke the spirits I work with the more their conscious thoughts merge with my own. The more spirits and demons/angels you work with the more of your memories of childhood/past that disappear at a rapid rate. My belief is because your merging your thoughts with theirs some old memories must be erased so that your brain has room for the much larger consciousness.