You muthaf*cken sinners! Repent to Christ now! You’ll burn in hell!

Turns out she’s been doing this nonsense all over Michigan! :rofl:

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God enjoys job security. Create a problem only you can solve, then guilt people into worshipping you into solving it.


Which meme?

A few years ago I moonlighted at wally world. Found out quickly that customers will often intentionally start a problem so they can report it later and request a free gift card.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: my goodness i think she is mentally sick… i feel sorry for her tbh

I sense the change is upon her…and not treating her well at all. Lmao. Yikes.


When chew fock wid Tony, you fock wid de best!!

Satan is the Church’s best friend.

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Funny Jehovah Witnesses came into this discussion. Just this Saturday a wife and husband came to the door today at my bros. I’ve met the wife and her daughter before (daughter was pretty hot. Lovely Chocolate lady). Anyway, I tend to chat tot hem. It doesn’t seem they can detect my sex magic practices or love of various goetic spirits or Lilith or Lucifer or Satan. I’m not rude and I know enough of the bible to get by. I actually enjoy reading it or listening to it once in a while depending if the voice author is any good. I checked out their website and their 2013 revision of the Bible looks ok. They added a lot more Jehovah in there and reading something that isn’t KJV is nice. “Adam had sex with eve.” My you naughty boy.

I mean, generally I see people as wanting to be happy and live a good life. Their main message was about the earth and the environment and I don’t disagree that we’re in some dire straits. I cant’ say that Jehovah or Jesus is going to fix it though. I believe its mans’ job to caretake and he/she is doing a piss poor job. Still, since I’ve been away from toxicity I feel the world is ok. It could be better and I could NOT have tinnitus nor floaters or a blood clotting disease and other shit but meh… I die I die… its just how horrible will it be before death.

I also just finished Glitter Force on Netflix which had a rather positive message (I was on the last few episodes when the JWs came to the door. Yeah, I don’t think fairies or pixies that look like stuffed animals nor glitter force angels (for that’s what they eventually looked like with dual burning fire halos) are going to save earth either.

that lady, and those I’ve met like them? TOXIC SHIT. As an old Halloween scarecrow toy said to me… “STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! RAAH ARAAHH! crow sounds” I might look for a JW thread here but there’s not much more to say. This couple was nice and had a hot daughter. Note: I enjoy such encounters as I like to see what they can and can’t detect. I’m kind of an epathetic though so that might just make me appear overly kind looking.

Well said. I work in an environment where we can only speak of things that the bosses deem positive and Christian, so I stay to myself now.
They don’t understand that positivity has no connection to religion. I am a very positive woman, in fact I have people compliment me often on my bright outlook and sense of humor.
I grow weary of the way others wield Jesus like a sword and use God as a threat.

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Oh, that’s gold, i love it :slight_smile:

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Look at the way her tongue darts in her mouth and the movement of her right arm in the beginning. Classic tardive dyskinesia from long term use of anti-psychotics. I would bet money she has schizophrenia and needs to have her medications looked at. It could very well be “the change.” sudden stress, hormonal imbalances, puberty, pregnancy, menopause…etc can throw of the balance of those medications.


Looks like somebody is off their meds. That old lady is funny. Met some crazyies like her before

I get people coming up to me and telling me of Yahweh’s LUV all of the time. One of the main reasons why I turned to Lord Lucifer in the first place was to seek protection from christian men who wanted to turn me into a miserable church wife. I had a hard time turning these guys down without them getting offended and loud and I needed some backup. They were always trying to force God’s authority on me. The women are crazy too, I have a lot of women like this trying to come after me when they see a “sinner” like me being pampered by a man or whatever. They don’t like it when women with red painted lips are “too comfortable”. The Yahwehians waltz up to me and hand me pamphlets and shove the idea of “repentance” in my face. I just smile and accept the items; I will eventually destroy them in a blasphemy rite.

For a second thought you were saying that to all of us. I was finna comment “Good, I love pain.”

I had to pause the video to ROTFLMAO all because of the hilarity in which this bee itch keeps pronouncing the words… “Moather-fockur”

So done cause I died! :rofl::skull:

This is your Christ on Meth

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