New member, spirit sex but looking for more

hello everyone my is Allen I have had some experiences
with spirit sex but it was not full filling just fast and over.
looking for more

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Greetings, how long have you been involved with magick? And have you previously had any paranormal or psychic experiences?

I ask because we can advise you better if we can get an idea of what your expriences have been so far. :+1:


I would like to have spirit sex just to begin with and decide from there if it’s worth my while to keep it going… I may have been taken, I’ve purchased several spirit items that are from supposedly from reputable sellers. But, I haven’t even had an astral encounter with any of them let alone them manifesting on the physical for any kind of encounter.

Any thoughts on how to tell if the spirits are shy, not wanting to do anything, or just plain, did not get what I paid for.

I have the gut that the problem is inside you, dear @CarpathisDralo.

You don’t really need any kind of tools to experience astral encounters and have sex with Spirits, at all. I’m sure they are not shy and I think spending real money to have sex with a Spirit (!) is very odd and not surprisingly, it won’t work just like that.

There are several methods what you can follow on BALG about how can you contact a Spirit or Demon to have sex with Them and develope yourself to your experiences/acts become more intense. Feel free to use the :mag: option here.

Anyway, you just joined on the Forum 2 hours ago, didn’t even gave us an Introduction which is a serious rule here. So please, do your intro before you posting again:

I uploaded an introduction, after receiving the link I was looking for but couldn’t find for some odd reason.

I of course have had astral sex but it is quite infrequent. I have also tried conjuring through ritual and even though I am no novice when it comes to ritual, that didn’t seem to bring out any results as well. So, I thought it would be more poignant to actually find a seller who has the reputation of being delivering results, instead of keep waiting, wondering if " will tonight be the night" . Anyways, I’m back at it again, after a break. So, I may have to wait and see after-all or maybe not at all.

Thank You for the Icon help.

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@CarpathisDralo Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTION area, as mentioned above. It is a rule here, and required. What you have written in your profile does not count; it must be posted to the forum proper.