People that works/worked with Azazel, look here

So basically I need help from people that knows Azazel well.

I have years of experience within witchcraft and demonolatry, so I know what I’m dealing with.
I’ve met Azazel before, I was actually channeling (possession) with King Paimon but Azazel took over out of nowhere so I’ve even gotten to that stage with Azazel, I know his energy and honestly, those who works with him knows what kind of energy I’m talking about, oh lord…
I found out he wanted something from me but I never found out what so I decided to let it be, this was around 6 months ago.

I had to take a break from King Paimon who I’ve worked for some years but also the one I’m most loyal to and so Azazel caught my eye and I got drawn to him. I was doing tarot with someone that stands really close to me and also dabbles within Demonolatry but is highly skilled in tarot, we were doing tarot for him regarding King Beleth (We are in the same situation) So we decided to do the same for me about Azazel. So what we found out is that for personal reasons I need to work with Azazel but he also has a task for me. We’re gonna work layer by layer but the cards really warned how submissive I have to be to him, there’s no way I can say no or ask any questions (if I don’t wanna get smacked) but I know Azazel is really dominant in general. It’s gonna be proffesional but still we found out that he somehow cares for me? He will interfere 100% into my life, if he sees something negative he will destroy it and he will influence me a lot is what the cards says so I have to be 100% ready to work with him because everything will change. I have to dig a lot about Azazel before working with him regarding the cards, I can’t act impulsive.
I know Azazel is a fast worker but the cards said this wont be fast or something super long termed.

So my question for you is, what do I need to know about Azazel? I have searched as much as I could and I know the basics about him. If y’all can tell me your experiences with him, his personality and all I would be grateful. I want to know as much as I can before starting my journey with him.

Thanks in advance.



It is a rule of this forum for all new members to make an introduction thread in the Introductions category - please tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick.

Where do you hail from?
Do you have any experience at all in magick?
If so, what have you practiced and how long have you practiced it?
If not, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

This is important information to include in a proper introduction.

To get you started, check out the basics here:

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Have you read The Book of Azazel, or Azazel: Steal FIre from t GOds by EA Koetting - there both detail pathworking experiences with Azazel.

The search function here will provide days of reading about people’s experiences with Azazel - he’s quite popular.

I can second the experience that he may introduce you to other entities with specialties if he wants you to work on something specific first.


I haven’t I remember I tried to listen to the video about The Book of Azazel on youtube by EA but I got lost, this was more than 1 year ago I think but if it’s that detailed then I’ll read it :slight_smile:
Yeah I’ve checked some posts here about Azazel and it did help indeed.
Probably, thank you so much. :smiley:


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