Qliphothic Work according to the Current 218


I’ve been studying and initially working with Liber Azerate for some years, already did my self-initiation, I’m devoted to this path.

During the past months I’ve been reading ‘‘The Book Of Sitra Achra’’, and I’m currently interested on working with Qliphoths according to the Current 218, any advises on how to begin? It’s a bit confusing to be honest.

I would appreciate if anyone who has worked the Qliphothic aspects of the Current 218 can help.

Sorry for my english.



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1.Build Qliphothic Temple (Chapter 11)
2. Draw Hendecagram (Chapter 10)
3.Perform The Opening Ritual of Seven Gates of Hell (Chapter 9)
4. Start with the eleventh Head of Azerate - Naamah /ten Qliphoth- Nahemoth