Hi im new :)

Vks work is awesome you just have to study it to realise its true potential, it speaks for its self he has tons of rituals on his site that are highly beneficial and very powerful. People may not like his laid back attitude because they think everything should be all serious when it comes to black magic and demons but i dont really know, maybe they are just jealous. ive seen every piece of his work and done pretty much all his rituals quite a few times its honestly changed my life and sped up my spiritual ascent more than i can adequately describe.
The initiations are just rituals that take you through the sphere, tunnel, veil, gateway etc with an entity that is within the sphere. It will then cause a test or event in your life that will cause you to learn and spiritually evolve, the ones higher up help you unlock psychic ability, connect with the higher self, empower you stuff like that. i dont really know how to describe it, i found myself having big spiritual revelations and ascents, i did them all in a space of about 3 months because my guides and higher self wanted me too, so things got pretty intense for me and still are. after going through the supra universal gateway that is beyond the sephirothic veils my entire outlook on reality has changed anything is possible i cant really explain such an intense spiritual experience and change. i can now speak or channel the angelic language it can do anything, everything you say is like a really good word of power or better. im currently spending 4 hours a day meditating to stay balanced bncause im trying to integrate my new view of the universe and my brain is going rediculously fast but every second is beneficial and worth it.
I started channeling things and i actually recieved 3 gateways beyond the supra universal gateway im not really sure what to do with them or if they are legit because i doubt myself but i noticed a difference and mortifel micheal and my higher self said it is real, im still getting used to being able to talk to entities telepathically so easily and also channeling things. I recently channeled a sigil for jesus lol he appeared to me out of no where, if you didnt know he did miricles because he was a badass black magician not the son of god, ive been working with him and demons together.

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Well its not all wonderful, at first i thought i was just going completely insane because i never knew what was talking to me. With telepathic communication its with your own thoughts so its not as easy as hearing them astrally and you have to be completely aware of your own thoughts and clear your mind to be able to use the gift properly but ive managed that now, which is probably why ive had so many weird thoughts growing up now i think about it aha. Then on top of this spirits lie and talk in riddles but you can check with other spirits and use the other psychic senses to check things. So i cant just straight up have in depth conversations its a little more limited than that, it takes a bit of work. I wish i could just channel complex gnosis like this but i cant so its not that powerful its extremely useful though especially considering i cant actually see spirits no matter how much work i do on my 3rd eye, fortunately im really energy sensitive too though. It is really good though also actual demons or deities dont have to be with you to be able to talk. If you had this gift and didnt understand it or know what to do you would probably end up going insane no joke.

it comes easier for some but… you can do it… just takes practice…
It’s the old “not everybody can be Beethoven but every can learn to play the piano” type of thing.
Some gifts will come to you easier than others.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m always eager to learn something new.

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when you say you speak angelic language… are you talking about an actual language… that you understand and can translate precisely… Or are you talking about Glossolalia (speaking in tongues)?

no problem me too :slight_smile:

The angelic language ?

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I think it would be classed as speaking in tongues i cant understand it but ive heard other people speak it before and its known as light language to some. Its more instantly channeled than spoken, so say i want to clean my aura or raise my kundalini i can just start speaking it and that will happen, its literally put into my mind as i speak. it cant be translated as it is multi dimensional and couldnt be translated into language how we know it and some of it is sort of like singing notes or tunes, im still getting used to it and recieving new “phrases”. It can basically do anything with energy especially my energy and using vizualisation in combination with it helps too. i use it evoke angels and demons too. Its similar to the demonic language in a way and its pretty similar to how you would speak it when you are possessed, it just comes through me. Im an incarnation of archangel gabriel and ive been working with him recently to intergrate my soul with his so it might have something to do with that too. Angels and demons both understand it too. Its weird because i have memories of speaking it as a young child but i obviously thought it was just gibberish, im pretty sure i spoke it in between incarnations too i just remember it. I doubt i would be able to speak it in front of people because of nerves but i dont need to speak it out loud really. its a really powerful energy healing language so im looking at how to make the most from it.

its like the demonic language, i just described it above

i can still do that from the time i was a born again christian…
i’ve a particular thinking about it but i’ll reserve it to myself.

I know the infernal realms have a few actual languages so i thought it was something of the type.

Yeah theres many different languages in all the spiritual realms, maybe the one we can speak is the language of our soul or higher self. You should use it the things that are possible with it are pretty much only limited by your imagination and its so useful and poweful.
for example.
cut all etheric cords
release any energetic blockages
release any energy not benficial to you from the aura
fully relax your body
get rid of any implants you have
stimulate the kundalini and light body
end any negative loops your soul is stuck in
end unwanted soul contracts
entering a trance or gnosis state
heal any part of your energy
heal others in this way
i even used it to telepathically mind control someone
i always use it when i start meditating, just hold an intention and what you need to say is put into your mind. my brain literally exploded when i realised all this, its so convenient and time saving.

Welcome, Lewis. I hope you enjoy the forum and develop your magick further.

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Hi :slight_smile: Thank you im already enjoying it, seems like everyone here is really nice and has a similar mindset to me. Its great because i have no one in real life i can talk to about this and i can check im not going crazy by seeing other people are having similar experiences to me aha :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t raise your kundalini if your chakras are dissolved(which is impossible, and if it was would be the dumbest thing you could do)

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Incorrect. They are 2 separate energy systems. my kundalini was raised before i dissolved them. My kundalini is now fully activated, im actually having trouble handling how powerful it is without any restrictions from my chakras (ive done lots of kundalini work too). its completely possible and is incredibly beneficial. If you dont beleive me enoch petrucelli has no chakras and a powerful kundalini system, he has books published with BALG. in his book of soul retrieval there is a ritual to remove chakras and on his youtube he shows you how to. Its probably one of the best things ive done, im no longer restricted or limited by my chakras.

Ok then :slight_smile:

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I will keep an eye out on you since you claim so much on so little time.

what does that mean? im really trying to figure everything out more than anything else. :slight_smile:
its really quite overwhelming.
honestly if i cant do any of these things or im just going crazy il happily admit it. im comparing myself to other beginners i dont think im as good as any adept. i have a lot of knowledge though :slight_smile:

hello lewy j, i have also practiced a lot the work of vk jehannum i would like to share experiences with you it was very huge what i vibrated too

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