Summoned Lucifer and he appeared as dragons eye

Hi, I started my journey into magick here, two years ago, summoning goethia demons for material gains like , laptops , flats reen tvs, which came to me within the week for next to nothing but the choatic forces i had been calling on have caused so much problems, mental , stress, infecting my partner causing mood swings amount other things.

I stopped using rituals untill i knew exactly what was involved,this is two years later and i have been using Hindu deitys for energy work and mantras, to wake my Kunfalini.
Now i had people fuck with me lately so i snapped and decided I’ve had enough and went against my decision to summoning demons for help, , i know i have an entity behind me holding on to my heart chakra and won’t let go, I’ll deal with that later, I summoned a wind goethia prince and binded him to a crystal and asked him to help my other guardians , light and dark stop others who have been trying to hurt me in real life, Ias I was in the zone sitting in a pentagram by crowley , holy water , holywood incense, copal on a charcoal censor, I watched a video for summoning \Lucifer, he showed up in a mirror as an eye, , I wasn’t even expecting it to work as it was an online ritual but instead of using god names from the judeo christian pantheon, I used Shiva as I have been working with them for a while.

I don’t know what to do now, its my first ever manifestation not in my mind, why show himself to me, does he have a plan for me, or what. He is the angel of light, but I get the impression he is a dragon or reptilian. I’m at a crossroads in wehter to continue with enlightenment or assume my shadow self and fuck everyone else around me, I’m sick of people trying to use and hurt me, ? Can someone let me know what there experience of Lucifer is ? I thought Lucifer only appeared to massive blood sacrifices,

Im adept and i have seen him multiple ways including that. In draconian tradition its ironically called the eye of lucifer which he reveals his gnosis through. If you want his full form evoke him and only use him. Dont use a middleman. Also you dont have to use blood but i am accustomed to anointing sigils with blood. Most of the time it doesnt matter the amount. But yea right on man keeping doing the work.

What makes you think he is a dragon or reptillian Ferunt?

The outline of his eye, his skin is green plus I felt him, he’s not human, also I think he’s wounded too, he’s stil powerful but that’s what I got, I’ve been an empath since I can remember.

Why do you think he is wounded?

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Why do you think he is wounded?

One eye, probably the same entity that pretended to be Odin.

Thomas Karlsson mentions in his book the Sunya chakra and calls it the Eye of Lucifer or Shiva (depending on the tradition). After awakening the third eye or Ayna chakra, black adept than can (try to) open this Sunya chakra that leads to the godhood. So, it was interesting to me that you saw Lucifer as the eye. I immediately thought about this Karlsson’s grimoire.

He can’t be wounded. He’s Lucifer

He can’t be wounded. He’s Lucifer[/quote]

It’s part of his lore that he did battle with Heaven and The Almighty™. I don’t think it’s impossible that that may have left some scars… If you’re working with that paradigm. Not everyone is, but it’s still there.

I have recently experienced similar with draconian invocation of Lucifer in meditation for 3rd time in pitch black surrounding stars Iam floating weightless in vision a blue flaming eye appears then it pulls my eternal/astral through like the flames surrounding Etheric this stage it cuts out but the power and vibration of energy is unlike any thing discribile to use words is?

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